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I was always 5'7 in. tall and never had to alter any pants or other clothes. It seems clothes were made for a 5'7 in. person. Then I was measured at 5'6 in. (I thought they made a mistake) and now just under 5'6 in.   EEK!   I'm shrinking.  I know this happens as we age (I am now 71) but how many inches do we have to give away?   LOL   Cat Mad

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Hi @KatCat1 ... I'm 72 and l started shrinking several years ago! Last time I went to the doctors office, a few months ago, l shrunk even more! I never made it to 5'. Now I'm 4' 9 1/2"!! At my tallest l was 4' 11 3/4". Now I'm over 2" shorter! She wants me to have a bone density test. I don't feel anything is wrong...but now l REALLY feel short! 

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I am 73 and have gone from 5'6" to 5'3".  What a shock!  I am now ordering some things in petite.

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Join the club. I was 5'8", now 5'7 1/2".

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Always was 5'9" 5'8". Woman Sad

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I started at five-three, and I am five-two at 76.  I have been stable for years.  I was diagnosed with osteoporosis through a bone scan years ago, after unsuccessfully trying to combat with routine medication.  


I ended up at a major university bone clinic, and it has been a gift.  I get a Prolia shot two times a year, and my intake of Vitamin D and Calcium was adjusted.  My advice to anyone taking Calcium is to check with your physician.  I had been following the suggested amount recommended by the manufacturer on the bottle.  I was told to lessen the amount, as it has been found that too much calcium can have a negative effect.  I believe it may affect your heart, but you might want to check on this.


I have no Ill effects from Prolia, now am a step down from osteoporosis, and will continue my advised treatment as long as I can.  I hope I never have to suffer a broken hip.

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It happens.  I was 5ft 3in and shrank down to 5ft 2in before age 65.  My dad who was 5ft 11in is now shorter than I am.  It seems odd to me since all my life I had to look up to talk to him -- now he's lower than my eye level.  

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Yes, I've lost an inch, I think.  The problem is, I have gained it back around my middle!

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My m-i-l has shrunk so much that the waist of her pants sits just under her boobs now.

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Between age 18 and 78, I’ve only lost 3/4”. It seems to only made a difference in the length of the rise of my pants. My issue is all concentrated on lower back,