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@Laura14 wrote:

I need one more birthday gift for the end of December and I am finito too. 


Feels good to get it all over with. Smiley Happy  Feels bad to be broke.  Smiley Sad    

@Laura14  We have a mid-December birthday too with one of them but that is also taken care of-gift bag and card, done.


Nah, not broke.  Just downsized the bank account.  LOL

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Good for you.  DH and I haven’t exchanged gifts in a long time but we buy cards.


One year I bought my own card from him and he bought his card from me too. Then we read them aloud to each other.  It was fun and different.

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@drizzellla wrote:



I am impressed.


But I noticed while I was out this morning, there were a line of 6 cars. They were waiting to make a left hand turn into the Post Office. There must be other people out there busy mailing stuff too.

Maybe this year I will get my act together. Or maybe not.

@drizzellla  I would imagine with the talk of UPS strikes people might be antsy that USPS will be overwhelmed. 

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@gidgetgh wrote:

I’ve got my out of town gifts done, wrapped and the shipping boxes ready. I’m mailing them out some time this week or the beginning of next week. The recipients can put them in a closet or something. 


I’m going to try to avoid the post office after that’s done. 

@gidgetgh  Great!  I'll be looking for my Icelandic Talbots gloves!  Gettin' chilly here!  Smiley Happy

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Congrats, Cakers!  You must be very efficient and organized. 


Don't have a lot of people to buy for, but not done yet.  Still send a few cards to out-of-town relatives.  I love the decorating - My favorite part of the holidays! The tree will probably go up this weekend.

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I bought my one gift in July.   I’m done too.

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@Skididdy  Also I paid no shipping.  There is only on gift that could merit being returned but the return is also no charge.  But I'm sure it's going to be ok.

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I only have my husband and 2 grown kids. The kids we give money. At their age it is so hard to come up with a gift they want or need


I always get my husband something he wants. This year it is a jack ,for his new cub cadet mower. 


I will pick out some clothing  and he will pay for it..We sort of save our Chrismas for church functions..and just enjoy one another


We are blessed, and deeply thankful, and that is really enough for us



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@Cakers3, in regards to the medical issue ....I am wishing you and yours good luck with it and many blessings during that time and ALWAYS !

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I'm a Black Friday junkie.

I'll be done shortly thereafter