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A serious fall and resulting fracture can make one feel so vulnerable, @I am still oxox.  Speedy healing.

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So sorry - yes, we're fortunate we don't know what lies ahead....


Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery - prayers that all goes well!Heart

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I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you aren't in a lot of pain, and pray you on the mend soon. 

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Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Oh, no, I was so sorry to read this. Take good care of yourself. Keep us updated. 

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@I am still oxox, I hope your recovery is speedy and not too painful.

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@I am still oxox : Ouch! Praying for speedy and painless recovery.🙏🤗❤️

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Oh no!!! hope you feel better and speedy recovery!!! @I am still oxox 

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@I am still oxox  I'm so sorry.  One good thing is that you weren't in the hospital at the height of the virus.


In March I fell up against the foyer stairs.  I couldn't get any help at my ortho Dr because he'd shut down his office due to so many having the virus.


I laid in bed in terrible pain for almost 2 weeks.  My daughter came from Denver to help me.  We were finally able to contact someone in Drs practice.


Long story.....short...I finally had someone in his practice cement the vertebra.  The problem was it had started healing incorrectly.  In the office they used chisel and large and small mallot to open up the vertebra, take a piece of it and send it away and then cement the entire vertebra.


I've had to have the nerves burned from the vertebra's and many other procedures.


I just went back again yesterday.  He said he can't do anything more right now.  I'm to wait 2 months and then go back.


He's hoping the vertebra or something will burn out.  Whatever that all means.  I just want some of the pain to get better.


My daughter has pretty much been here since March.  She's going back home to her house, her boyfriend and her dog on Thursday.  I'm going to miss her terribly, but she has to resume her life.


I'm glad you were able to get help and like I said you weren't hurt at the height of the virus like I was.


I keep saying I'm upset with myself because I did it to myself.  I bent down to catch my cat who was running out the door.  The rug slipped out from under my feet and I pushed myself into the steps (split foyer).


It knocked me out for a few minutes and you want to talk about pain.  It was unbelievable pain.


What did they do to your hip to get it to heal?

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@I am still oxox 

I'm so sorry!

It is amazing that you are home already!

I hope your healing is not too painful

and goes quickly! Will be thinkig of youSmiley Happy

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