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Re: I Suppose Charlotte Actually Does Favor Queen Elizabeth More Than Any Other Family Member

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Off topic, but you know how so many little girls dream of themselves being princesses. My nextdoor neighbor girl surely did. She actually convinced herself she already was. My musings are what does a real princess have fantasies of being?  



Traditionally, British princesses (and princes) have been pretty much in a life of service to the British people as far as public appearances and sponsoring various charities. The princes have largely served in the military, though I don't know that they ever would have wanted to do that life-long.


British royalty has never been known for their intellect or keen quest for knowledge; they have "gotten by" academically for the most part. I'm not saying that makes them less intelligent, but very few have been any sort of scholar. I suspect that they're only encouraged to do or dream of their future in certain guided areas. British royalty has expectations placed on them by their public.


It's been pretty different in other royal families around the world, where both princes and princesses have been marrying commoners and doing much more of what they want to do with their lives than British princes & princesses, including being in business. "Ruling" is a side-line for pretty much all other royal families except the British.


Sadly, even though there's been a lot of progress, I doubt Charlotte will be encouraged to be a ballerina or a nurse - or even a university professor or archaeologist.


I was surprised to read very recently that a Japanese princess who is marrying a Japanese commoner will be forced to "give up her royal title." Shades of Edward & Wallis. I wouldn't have thought that of such a technologically progressive country. That's pretty feudal. 

My comments were basically just whimsey, nothing more. I imagine even real princesses have dreams too. As for Edward and Wallis, there has long been the fairly establlished notion that Edward didn't abdicate because he wanted to marry an American divorcee; he was actually considered to be a Nazi sympathizer.

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Re: I Suppose Charlotte Actually Does Favor Queen Elizabeth More Than Any Other Family Member

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Kate has beautiful children...

It's going to be wonderful watching them grow up.

Keepin' it real.