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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

@jtdmum  Be safe.  Being retired, I do not need to be anywhere, but DH is still working and I am always worried that he will come in contact with someone who is a carrier.  I know that our governors are trying to get control over this disease, but I worry for those who have no income at this time and cannot pay their bills.  No one ever expected anything like this in our lifetime.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

Except for shopping, also more wiping and spraying, my life is the same. I do exercise, gardening, walking dog, texting, email, phone calls, coloring, tv,reading.  I don,t get lonely, because I have been alone a long time.

When I want people to see, I would go to stores to look at things and talk to people.  I,m my own best friend.

I was volunteering a lot, but that got tiring to have to be somewhere every week, when you didn,t feel I like it.  After 10 years, gave it up.

If I were young, it would bother me.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

@SXMGirl wrote:

Unlike many, I am enjoying every single day of this isolation.  Do not misunderstand, I wish no one to have the virus, but my days are full and I don't have to leave home.  I am tired when I go to bed.


Every day, I work out with zoom, Facebook, or the Y online, so I am seeing others, but I don't need to travel.  I cook, bake, read, do watercolor, a little spring cleaning, a little tv watching, jigsaw puzzles, and taking care of my pets.  I text and email friends.  Groceries can be delivered.  When the weather breaks, I will do some gardening.  While I love traveling, I can view many things from my computer--not the same, but doable.


Obviously, there is something wrong with me, but I am loving this.   


Thank you more than you know!! The negativity lately on nearly every topic on this board, is not only sad, in a "poor me" kinda way, but bordering on selfish and ridiculous‼️If you can't stand a host DON'T WATCH. If someone posts a picture of a beautiful home, or the likes, bc they think others may find some joy in that, STOP PICKING IT APART, SAY NOTHING. MOVE ON. I'm sure you'll find something you DO like. And, for Heaven's sake, if you don't want to hear and don't agree with the guidelines trying to keep us all safe in this time of unchartered waters, unimaginable sadness and death EVERY SINGLE DAY, and continue to complain about wearing a mask, or washing your hands more than normally, or social distancing, or, here we're in dire need of a haircut and color, or your gel nail and facial appts. are long overdue. (I feel your pain on those last ones. I look like the crypt keeper. But my family is well and I have so much to be thankful for.) As much as some of you hate the phrase "we're all in this together," we are, in a lot of ways. But you know where most of us are different than MANY out there? We haven't been on a 3 or 4 way call, while a nurse holds a phone to a loved ones ear, bc that is how "l love you and goodbyes" are said these days. Just the sight of the refrigeration semi trucks-in NY- lined up and filled with bodies, did me in. Do the tears rolling down the faces of healthcare workers explaining the need to wear masks, etc. not resonate with you? Apparently not, bc the complaining is what prompted my post. That, and the uplifting, albeit RARE and wonderful post I quoted. PLEASE, a bit more positivity. We really need it right now. Stay safe everyone🌷

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

I can relate to the OP because although my work schedule has shortened and my husbands income has as well. (Deferred mortgage 3months) I didn’t do a lot before the virus; walk work m-f church clean/ shop wknd.
Although some of us might express we don’t mind the isolation, we all want this to be over.
It’s the curse of not being able to be happy there is less pollution, traffic, cheaper gas when I see the stats.
It’s nice to be able to express here whatever your feeling.
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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert


I think it is great that you are enjoying your time at home.

Nothing wrong with you!  You are doing a lot of nice things at your home, and solitude can be wonderful.



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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

I am fine with being alone most of the time. I had to learn this lesson so to speak when my husband worked long hours and out of town. 

I feel for those having financial problems and hope they can recover when we can safely reopen jobs and of course schools which may still be awhile. 

I have a friend who I spoke with at a distance who says she hopes for everything to get going and moving.  Disregards our states recommendations and thinks our immune systems would handle things just fine. This coming from a long time teacher. I didn't bring up that I had a Grandson who came up with Scarlet Fever and we have no idea how this came about as the children are all home from school and yet it turned up over night the other two children did not get it. Their Mother took him to the Dr. ASAP and with medication he is well. 

Please be safe everyone. We need to Grandmother died at a very young age in the 1918 episode and left three children orphans one being my Mother. 

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

Yes enjoy I do, love being in my house do what ever I want I am cleaning more, I do love being home, my DD is working at home and said she hopes to stay that way. Hope companies keep more working at home, less  space we will see a difference and this maybe something new, no more handshakes, or hugging of people. Maybe most now grocery delivery things will change. Things are changing fast. 

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

I've pretty much always been that way so having to stay in doesn't bother me at all.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert




So me!😷😂🤗

"Kindness is like snow ~It beautifies everything it covers"
-Kahlil Gibran
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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

Life under quarantine isn't that much different from my normal existence.  And I'm fine with that.  I keep occupied and enjoy my own company (and the fur babies, of course).