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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

Staying in doesn't bother me at all. My home is my favorite place to be. It's just the atmosphere that really bugs me. Doesn't seem like America to me right now. I know there is a virus and I pray for the ones who are sick and have lost loved ones. I just think it's very odd the way this particular virus has been handled. Others have been much worse and this has not happened. Wonder if we will ever be the same. No, I know we won't. That makes me sad.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

@SXMGirl Me too! The first time I heard the phrase "self-quarantine," I told someone that i thought it sounded great! ....and that i would love to self-quarantine.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

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I've long been fine being a stay-at-home type but I do need to get out occasionally just to break the monotony and have a change of scene for a few hours... It would be a lot easier to at least semi-relax and enjoy the at-home time if it were a good bit easier to get groceries and other necessities delivered than it's proving to be, without worrying about it and wondering whether or not a dreaded trip to the store will be needed. I have to admit, I am missing eating out and availability of more diverse menus than I'm able to put together. I'm also missing occasionally browsing through a local shop or store. I also think the longer some of us are sequestered the more challenging it's going to prove to be to get us to leave the house when and if we ever get the all clear.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

I am happy and at peace.  I spend extra time in prayer and meditation.



Actually, it took a pandemic for my husband of 51 years to stay home--well, still work part-time from home and for our son to phone on a regular basis.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

@Mz iMac wrote:

@tsavorite  What state do you live in?


"Can't even buy a bag of soil or paint no nothing for home improvement.

I live in a hot zone state-New Jersey.  Home Depo & Lowes are open because they are deemed essential.


"Can't fish alone on a boat...."

Why not?



Fish alone?  Probably NOT a good idea.

Robert Kennedy's granddaughter just died a few days ago doing that. 

Her son drowned along with her.


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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

Its not much different now than the normal for hubby and me.  We are home bodies.  However, we do miss going to church and out to dinner afterwards.  

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

There's nothing wrong with you at all. I'm enjoying every minute of the quarantine and am not looking foreword to it eventually ending.  I work as a dog walker and I am constantly busy.  There's nothing wrong with that, but the last few years I've literally worked 7 days a week for months on end and I'm constantly driving along with doing a lot of overnights.  My cats have all but forgotten who I am and had taken over my had some field mice who literally died of old age waiting for me to clean.😂


This is the first true vacation I've had in I don't know how long. Right now I only have 2 clients and am working a normal Mon to Fri schedule.  My cats have gotten reacquainted with me, and I with them, and my house has been deep cleaned from top to bottom (all dead mice have been removed). I get to sleep in, read, watch TV, cook, ride my bike and I chat with my friends via text.  Life is good.  I have never felt more relaxed and accomplished.    I'm not thrilled that there is a killer virus lurking around out there, but on the flip side the virus gave me a guilt free vacation that I really don't want to end.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

I can't say I love it but I don't hate it.  I am thankful for the Internet.  I am still a little under the weather with having Bronchitis recently.  I should be thankful as I was in the ER just when Coronavirus was known but no one knew just how bad it was.

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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

@SXMGirl Good for you!  I'm still working so this hasn't really affected me the way it has others.  It could change any day (even though I'm in a lab). 


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Re: I Must Be An Unsociable Introvert

I think I am an intro/extro combo, but very much a homebody.  I like this lockdown!  I feel like I am always pushed to say yes to social invitations- that I really do not want to do... With this situation, I'm off the hook!! 
I guess I should re-examine how extroverted I think I am.. and my social actions.  
I DO miss going out to dinner 1x/ wk w my hubby and very occasional shopping trips out... 

I think I've been buying way more on Q/H, as a shopping bandaid-  But Im Lucky because I'm still working remotely...