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Sounds like it will be very convenient for you. I hope you'll get the job if you want it. You'll be an asset to them!

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Good Luck.

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My paper was full of all the places hiring. Being you have to work around another job, restaurant work makes good sense for you.

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Good luck.  Let us know how things work out.

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@Anonymous032819  Good luck! I work one night a week at a restaurant. The cash I make in tips is my spending money. Anyway, keep us posted! 😊

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Best of luck!

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@Anonymous032819   Why is your rent so high?  I presume it is a one bedroom?

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Best of luck to you.  I give you so much credit.

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Many prayers for success. 

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Around here the bussers are mainly high school and college students. But, if you like working with young people this may be a good fit for you. 

Are there any positions with higher wages at your present place of employment?