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Good Luck.

Nothing to loose but something to gain.


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Wishing you the best @Anonymous032819 . Will keep my fingers crossed for you.  Keep us posted.

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You don't have to explain why you want something more for yourself You got this. Sending good vibes. Upodate us please.

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@Anonymous032819   Best of luck to you! You'll do great!

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@Anonymous032819 Good luck!  

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Good luck! Smiley Happy

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@Anonymous032819 wrote:





I have been trying to find a second job, a part-time one, to help supplement my income, and after many applications, I finally have an interview!



It's this Saturday.



The job is as a busser at a near by restaurant, which has just resumed in house dining.



If I can get this, then I can relax and breathe easier about my monthly expenses.




My rent is over $1,300 a month, then add in utilities, (Electricity, heat {gas} water, sewer, garbage, cable, internet, phone), gas for my car, car insurance, cat food, and I am just barely squeaking by.


Yes, I know and appreciate that others don't have any job, and yes, I feel for them, but it would be nice to be able to not worry about how I will be able to afford my monthly payments.




Don't ever feel the need to explain wanting to better yourself. There are jobs out there, if one wants to do the work. Good luck!

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Good Luck!!

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Good luck on your interview. I'm sure you will do fine. There seems to be a lot of people here rooting for you and that should make you feel good too.

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i wish you good luck and can't wait to hear how it went!