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Another winter hater here.  I love being outside in the spring, summer, and fall, and hate being stuck in the house when it is so cold. Add to that the incresed flu, colds,etc. you're exposed to.  I get so dry in winter, and when I go out to walk I have to wear so many clothes, I just want to be in shorts and a tank top. I hate snow and sleet and don't like rain.  In winter I long for 80 degrees and sunshine.  I am so envious of people in florida in winter and even tho I'm only a few states north, its a whole different world.  So, call me grumpy for 3 months at least.

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I was born, raised and still living in the midwest.  Growing up, I loved winter and hated summer.  About 30 years ago, I changed to the opposite....although I wouldn't say I love summer but rather tolerate it better than I used to.  My body has changed over the years and now I freeze from November through April.  I also still work so I have to drive in snow, ice, etc.  Most people I know say they want a white Christmas.  NOT ME!  My idea of a white Christmas would be on the white sandy beaches of Florida!!

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@gidgetgh wrote:


It's supposed to be 10 here Friday morning and a high Friday and Saturday of 24.  That's really, really low for us.  Fortunately, no snow or ice in the forecast.  Cold rain here tomorrow. It is gloomy and rainy just about every day.  



I live much further north than you but on Friday it is supposed to be warm in the morning (like near 60) then drastically drop through the day so by early evening it will be in the teens.  We are supposed to have rain all day as well but they are warning with the drastic drop in temperature we will have a flash freeze turning those wet roads to ice.  So don't be so sure you will not have the same senario in Atlanta. 

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I am not an extreme hater of Winter but I am certainly not a huge fan.  I grew up in the NE and we had tons of snow and cold and suffered with all of the associated problems: shovelling, driving on dangerous roads, dry, chapped skin, etc.  Now I live in the Mid Atlantic and we rarely get snow that amounts to much.  We do get cold and the occasional Northeaster as we are close to the Atlantic.  What I like about winter is walking my dogs in the cooler temps and getting a "free pass" to get cozy earlier in the evening and put on my pjs, etc.  What I don't like is driving in the dark earlier in the day and people going crazy and driving like maniacs when we do get a dusting of snow.  My husband is the extreme hater of winter and he counts the days until summer!

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Tis the Season of Cleansing!...Brrrr! 🥶 



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I am on the Western edge of the Central time zone. The sky is clear, but it is just now beginning to get light at 7:56 am. Imagine if we go to year round daylight savings time. It would be 8:56 am.


I am not a fan of winter even though we have sunshine most every day. My aches and pains are aggravated by all the fronts and temperature variations. Top that with the additional concern of hoping the power grid doesn't collapse from the extreme cold arriving tomorrow.

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Love it, love it.  Shortest day of the year today and it is cold as well.   Happy times in Texas.  August comes soon enough.

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I never minded winter but I understand the driving anxiety fully.  Grew up in New England and happily still here.  We used to ski for many years and it was glorious at times, fresh air, fresh fallen snow, blue skies and abundant sunshine in the mountains.......there is nothing like it and then there is that "nightcap" that we worked so hard for, LOL!


I do love the four seasons and would be bored with the same weather day in and day out.   I don't feel winter is too long but agree it does tend to overstay some years.  Just think after today, everyday will get a little brighter and we are a little closer to spring Smiley Happy

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I'm with you. I hate winter and I don't understand how anyone could possibly like it. I also hate winter clothing, it make me feel bloated.

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I love winter. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be hot.