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@qvcaddition wrote:

I love winter, but I live in Cal.  I hate summmer.  Love spring and autumn.



I'm just LOVING our weather in the greater Los Angeles area this week  .... rain ... sprinkles .... cloudy .... chilly .... cooler temperatures ... a little more rain.  


Thank you,  Santa.  Heart

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Re: I Hate Winter

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@Jordan2  I miss Winter; I miss the Seasons.


I LOVE WINTER. LOVE IT. HATE Summer with a passion; loathe it.  And here I am, living in a place where it's perpetually Summer. God help me, lol.


The blast of cool air over Christmas AMAZING Christmas Gift from Mother Nature. OH, did we enjoy it! Smiley Happy

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@FiddleDeeDee I'll trade places with you! It's not like we get 4 seasons in NYC, pretty much winter and summer.