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(and other shopping channels) are being socially responsible being on the air. Think about how many hands touch an item to get it on the air. How many hard surfaces are being touched to get an item on the air? Just making an observation.

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Jewel22: QVC is probably following the PA governor's requirements, based on CDC recommendations.


We can never be 100% protected. Who could or would want to? Life is and always has had risk.


Follow your state's COVID-19 guidelines. It's the best we have now.

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I guess I'm selfish.  I thankful for the long as it lasts.  As long as they follow the appropriate guidelines.

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It’s more dangerous going to the grocery store.

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I thought the Q was doing a pretty good job.

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Good grief.

Dear God
Grant me the wisdom to know when to keep my mouth shut.
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If the hosts walked on water while presenting, someone would criticize.

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May G-d bless everyone who keeps us fed, clothed, and entertained!

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@Jewel22 I think you are over-thinking this! Relax.

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Jewel22: QVC would be shut down by the state if they were not following CDC guidelines.