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Re: How To Donate To Help Pets Affected By Hurricane Irma


I started a thread too-Helping the Hurricane 4-Legged Victims.

I'm sorry I didn't see this one first.


Anyway, this is what I was hoping for-everyone posting ideas like we did for Harvey because I too found it more difficult to find worthy charities for the pets from Irma.

The ones I finally donated to was 

the animalsite/greater good.

 I called the phone number which can be found on their site. I just called in and you can designate to Harvey or Irma and animal or human. They mention everything they have done so far which is very impressive.

They work with Wings of Rescue, the Humane Societies and others.

Wings of Rescue and Paws N Pets are 2 highly rated non-profits that use volunteer pilots that are already helping to transport pets to shelters.

These are people who are very dedicated and obviously love and care about animals as so many of us do.

I'm sure there are many worthy local humane societies that are good down there but I had a hard time finding them.

I appreciate so much all the input everyone has given about  this!

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Re: How To Donate To Help Pets Affected By Hurricane Irma

I sent a donation (via PayPal) to a non-kill shelter in my area.  they have taken in a number (45-50) dogs evacuated from hurricane areas.  They are stictly a donation funded organization, receiving  funding from no government or other groups.   I would like to have found one that took in cats but the dogs looked like they needed the help.

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Re: How To Donate To Help Pets Affected By Hurricane Irma

Best Friends is great. I donated to them. I live in Tx so I am familiar with Austin Pets alive. They were boots on the ground before Harvey clearing shelters of E lists. When down and brought back lots of animals. Saw a vet in keys. House was gone but he had a pet ambulance. Loaded it with meds and supplies. Free to anyone. I didn't see a donation link. Would have gladly donated to him. Saw a pic. Young man.