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Re: Housing for Senior Citizen

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Thank you to everyone for your input. I have been researching and found 55+ apartments in other cities so they do exist. The apartments here are independent living and come with added expenses and perks (like meals, housekeeping, activities) that we do not need. 

We will take all of your advice and suggestions and weigh them in helping make our decision. Thank you again for all of your help.

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Re: Housing for Senior Citizen

I live in a small town in Michigan in the Detroit area. There are two senior apartment buildings. Not sure if any services are provided but kind of doubt it.


We have an 'all levels' Community where you can rent a totally independent but barrier free 2 bed/2 bath duplex. You can participate in the activities and use the facilities but pay for cleaning, meals, services, shuttle to doctors.


They are about twice the cost of your generic 'senior building' apartment

( maybe 4000.00 to 4500.00 a month) which includes cable and some utilities and a garage. No lease.


Have it in mind for the future. Covid has made us reconsider future options as lock down has never been a concern in the past.


Not ready to move yet but exploring the options near family.

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Re: Housing for Senior Citizen

Husband and I have planned for moving to continuing care congregate housing at age 77 if not necessary sooner. That's 15 years away which is flying by. After witnessing the devastation of Covid at many facilities we are looking at each other and saying we want a new plan. The benefits of socialization as we age is very important but there are risks. No kids, nieces & nephews not emotionally connected. We have some resources but not wealthy. Northern Va. is hectic, expensive, but very good health care. The house is paid off- so maybe we will find live-in paid companions/helpers/ultimately caregivers. A difficult challenge. Good luck to all us boomers.
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Re: Housing for Senior Citizen

@On It 


Never giving a thought to this I learned real quick living in a older over 55 community.  Many here are now transitioning into these type of buy-in facilities (as they are mid 80s).


I don't feel this is what I would chose: they go from "independent", to assisted to if you need 100% care.  Costs vary but are extremely expensive and you buy-in, very low % if you pass away.


These facilities are not medicaid options or state facilities.


now in the past 5 years they've built these over 55 villa rental units everywhere.  Complete with pool, clubhouse, gym, etc. but no activities ...


I've gone to check these out -- I'd pay the $1700-1800/month (some are 1300-1500 sq ft).  No hassles of caring for a home & offer the nice amenities.   

After over a year of depending on myself or others (paying) I'm not wanting home ownership I want some freedom or I'd sell this and buy in another area which offers much more and would be new.  


I can not even phantom my kids idea -- come live near or with them--goodness NO for sure I'd lose my freedom. haha