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I used to watch for the products.  What drove me away was spending too much time on one product.  Occasionally I will tune in, but now I just shop on   I've never watched a show because of a host.

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@leggett2 Leah.....................agree 100%

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@Krimpette wrote:

I avoid certain hosts. If they are presenting something of interest to me, I check on line.  


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@abbyt wrote:
What drives you to watch QVC? The Hosts or the Products? Do you ever skip shows because the Host may not be one of your favorites even if the Product they’re showing might be? Just curious.

Easy! Products totally...I haven't watched because of a host since Steve Bryant & Kathy Levine...

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Although there are and have been hosts that I prefer (Leah, Jayne, Pat) that has never been a reason for me to watch (except maybe Kathy Levine)  The products were the reason I watched.  Now I just do everything online from the Q and other vendors.  Rarely watch any Q live any more

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I only watch certain vendors but will skip it’s an annoying host.
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I watch for the product,not the host.  And there is one host in particular that I dislike, the only host I have ever disliked in the 30 years or so that I have been a QVC customer. 

If this host is on, and there is something that I really want to buy,I won't make the purchase, because I do not want the record keepers at QVC to think that it was due to that host that my purchase was made.  I wait several hours or until the next day to buy. And if the item happens to be sold out, oh well, I will live without it.

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BOTH!  Products they present are same ones over & over - smae few beauty products and fashion mostly for old ladies,  Same thing with hosts - its like ground hog day - everyone has a show named after them and same hosts now on at same time every day/week - monotonous......they are in serious need of a refresh on both.

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Leggit2, I know Leah is popular, but, I personally cannot watch her!!! Cannot understand what is so funny all the time!!!!