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I like it that she changes her hairstyle every now and then. Like they say...variety is the spice...

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion about Shawn's hairstyle and makeup.  I like her hair better when it doesn't cover that "one eye" and I think she looks fine with her hair swept back.


NOW....if she ever comes up looking like SIA, the singer....well, let's just say that I will definitely jump on the thread that someone starts about it and I think we'll have a grand ole time laughing!  LOL


See the source image



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Re: Host Shawn's earrings are getting bigger and bigger, thought she didn't wear earrings?

As I was scrolling thru last night I saw Shawn Killinger's hairdo.  It was rather odd.


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Was watching Jill Bauer today with Isach and all he said was LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, isn't he a little to keep saying  LIKE, LIKE, LIKE? (HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME, SORRY)

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I love her hair now... it was awful before...