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As I was scrolling thru last night I saw Shawn Killinger's hairdo.  It was rather odd.  Was she imitating someone whom I have no recognition of or was this a new hairdo?  I do not watch her shows she seems very unreal in her presentations.

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Really ?  You have nothing better to do especially this time of year ?

 QVC should not allow these inappropriate mean-spirited posts 

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It was simply a front hair style.

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Hairdo's are a very personal preference thing IMO, there is nothing odd or unflattering about Shawn's hairdo. IMO Shawn is a great looking woman and can wear her hair anyway she likes. I don't think the poster should be taken to task over her comment though, it's just her opinion and she can question anything she wants.

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Posters have relentlessly commented about Shawn needing to get her hair out of her face.  For the past several weeks that I've seen her, she has had her hair off her face and people still complain.

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Shawn usually wears her hair to one side, last night she simply brushed it back... it's the same haircut just styled differently. 

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It is only hair and she is just trying different things. I think like all of us the female host get tired of the same style and want to change things up a little. It is just an easy way to give yourself a little boost.

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I rarely watch live QVC.  I happened to "pass by" looking for another program and I stopped to see who the host was.  I thought she looked great and I like this version of her hairstyle better than the last few.  She looked lovely and sophisticated.