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Re: 🏠 Home Insurance 🏡

@Mz iMac wrote:

I keep a magnifying glass in my pocketbook just to read the "fine print" before I sign on that dotted line.


True story...

When it's lease signing time, the apt manager always schedules me during her "lunch" break.

I arrive at the office w/my magnifying glass, read all 50+ pages front & back of my new lease, ask questions, take notes all BEFORE signing on that dotted line.  99.9% of my questions has to do w/what is stated in the "fine print." icon_exclaim.gif

Whole process takes about 1 1/2 hours. whistling.gif





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Re: 🏠 Home Insurance 🏡



When I first started renting eons ago, my lease was 1 page.  Now the thing looks like a War & Peace novel. icon_exclaim.gif

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Re: 🏠 Home Insurance 🏡

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I just changed companies when I moved to the new house. I've always known about the flood thing bc I think that's the one that is only sold thru the government and it's also part of your settlement. 


The thing about insurance - - even if you are covered, there seems to be some sort of catch 22 they can come up with if they want.  Remember Hurricane Katrina - whether they paid or not was dependent upon which insurance company you had and if they made a determination if it was the wind or rain that did the water damage.  


Also, not sure what it cost to replace the electronics if they get damaged; however, I know our electric company offers whole house protection for what I thought was a pretty nominal amount so that's another option that may be cheaper for that.  Another I know you have to be aware - if your sewer backs up insurance usually won't pay unless you have paid for that as an item on your insurance.