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If you were having a holiday dinner party of, say, a dozen/so people,

would you ‘deep clean’ your home before or after the party?


About 3 months ago, I had Stanley Steemer clean my carpets.

Last 3 weeks, I have been bombarded w/ email coupons from

Stanley Steemer w/ before 12/25 expiration dates.


Got me thinking....

With a large get-together, it’s Murphy’s Law someone

will spill something or track dirt in on your floors/carpets.  

Kinda seems counterproductive to clean before,

though I understand why someone would. 

I believe I would clean after. 


Before or After...or both?

Which would you do...or have done?

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

   I would clean my home.I always do that before company comes.But I would put off paying to have the carpets cleaned until after your guests leave.A good vacuuming ought to be enough.

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

I would do a thorough cleaning before the party. Then do a deep cleaning after everyone is gone.

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

Holiday dinner party: Lights are low, candles and holiday lights- everything looks beautiful.

I would thoroughly clean my house before, especially bathrooms and kitchen and would save the carpet for after. No one will notice as long as it's vacuumed beforehand.

I scrub all the bathrooms- the guys often use the most remote one in search of privacy. That's what I experienced at my holiday dinner.


Enjoy your party!

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

I would do the deep cleaning after the party.  Run the vacuum, clean the bathrooms and make sure there's no clutter around.  Once the party is over, then do the deep cleaning

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

Deep cleaning, to me, means windows, walls, etc. not just carpets. 

I wouldn't go that far even if the Pope was coming for dinner.  LOL


The most I ever did was dust, sweep (I only had carpets once in my lifetime as a homeowner) and make sure the bathrooms were uber clean. 


Of course my kitchen had to be spotless, even though cooking.


If carpets were cleaned for spring or fall cleaning, I'd let it go.  It's not like people are going to eat off them.  Do a carpet cleaning after unless they are obviously dirty from other spills or dirt.


Now it's just the kids-counting me and DH we total 6 people, so nobody cares.  No nosy in-laws or other annoying relatives.  (Actually had an in-law aunt who would "white glove" people's windowsills.)

""But tell me where do the children play"-Cat Stevens
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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

I used to have a carpet steamer. If I still had it ,I would use it on the carpets, and then have them cleaned commercially, after the event


If you have an area that you are uncomfortable about, get some dry rug cleaner, and use it before the party

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

@sidsmom If it were me, I would deep clean before.

Instead of Stanley Steamer ( which we have used) we bought a Bissel Green Clean Machine. This is a must with 3 dogs and so worth the money.


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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

I will clean my home fairly good prior to the Christmas dinner I'm hosting, but I will clean my home thoroughly AFTER Christmas is over.  I'm expecting new living room furniture in  the beginning of the new year, so I'll be looking forward to putting away the decorations and giving my house a good cleaning before my new furniture comes.  


And, yes, I had the option of getting the furniture before Christmas, but opted to wait until after the holidays.  

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Re: 🧽Home Deep Cleaning 🌟

I would do it before the party, you would everything clean and fresh for your guests.  If someone spills something, clean it up.  You won't need to have the entire carpet cleaned because of a little spill.  I don't know how dirty your carpets are but if mine were done just three months ago, I wouldn't be getting them done so soon.  We'd freshen them up ourselves.  We have Stanley Steemer in every 6 months.