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Help with dog itching

My yorkie poo has allergies. Apoquel worked for awhile, then last year didn’t help so much so they gave him a shot. It worked great. This year the shot didn’t seem to help much, they gave him a second shot and said to keep giving him the apoquel also. He still itches a lot, any ideas on what else I can do for him

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Re: Help with dog itching

Yes, it's hard to see your dog suffer. I'll take a stab at your question. Assuming your veternerain has mentioned this, what about your dog's diet?

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Re: Help with dog itching

I have two Cocker Spaniels, known for itchy skin, and my vet thought their allergies also contributed to their skin condition.   Their diet is all homemade food, with vitamins that I add.


Spent hundreds $$ on medications, different shampoos, this is the only thing that helped:


Keto-Med SP Shampoo  $18.  (only available at veterinarian's office)

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Re: Help with dog itching

Hate to say it, because I love a clean dog, but bathing is what sets my chihuahua off itching. 

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Re: Help with dog itching

[ Edited ] may get more responses if this was posted in the Pet Lovers forum.

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Re: Help with dog itching

@20961   My westie is itching so I got her the shot yesterday.  My vet said it can take up to 3 days to work and use apoquel till it kicks in.  She has been very peaceful all day so I haven't used the apoquel.  I had bathed her 2 days before with medicated shampoo but it seems to be a ****** shoot as to what works when for these beautiful animals.

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Re: Help with dog itching

God help you, i have tried so many things, mine has grass allergies, is your food related,or other like environmental?

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Re: Help with dog itching

i think our little girl has grain allergies. scratching like mad. 

i bought some childrens benadryl liquid, and have been giving her a half a ml about every four hours. till the new food really gets going in her system.  it's been helping. 

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Re: Help with dog itching

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Are your Yorkie's symptoms seasonal...more so in the Spring?  Is it worse after your doggy comes in after being outside?  Besides itchy skin, does your doggy's nose ever run, eyes water, and sneeze?


Dust is a one of the causes inside.


Have you thought about allergy testing to see what your Yorkie is allergic to, at least to find out if allergens are the cause?


If positive, injections are given over a period of time.  They work.  


Another thought, my sister had a dog with dermatitis.  He was prescribed Head and Shoulders weekly.  It worked.  


Sometimes, it's food.  80% are to beef, chicken, lamb, fish, eggs, soy, and wheat.  Corn, as well.  There are foods sold for allergies.  Or you can make your own as long it's balanced.  


All of my very small dogs had allergic symptoms in the Spring.  Most of it was itchy skin, but one had all the symptoms found in humans along with itchy skin. They were given a low dose of Benedryl for a few months.  It worked.  


Whatever you do, if at all possible, don't go with steroids.



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Re: Help with dog itching

Sure.  Go back to your vet.  Maybe ask for a specialist to examine your dog.  Your vet is the ONLY person who can help.