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I was getting dizzy when watching Jane T and Courtney with the Beekman boys.

do we really need 4 people to do this show? Confusing as hell.Smiley Frustrated Oh and all the spraying that was going on with the twins, enough is enough!

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Re: Head turning

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It was busy, I agree.  Josh doesn't do anything but suds-up his hands for hours on end, but he does interject a few words here-and-there.  For the most part, Jane was respectful of Courtney and let her talk.  The twins?  Do you mean the goats?  They must win a few sales per hour.

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I believe The twins are Courtney and Jane.

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I think the whole presentation is weird. The goats are cute but the little brown one looked dazed. The mess on the set ejected from the goats without diapers turned my stomach. I wonder if the set stunk?
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Bet fancy Courtney said to self "never again'.




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I did wonder why josh did not speak much ,but i thought it was a fun show.

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So glad I don't watch these multi people presentations.   Why not save money and just have one person do the demos???



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@goldensrbest The little guy (Dr) is always the lead master......... Josh just makes bubbles.

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I actually enjoyed it, but then I always enjoy the goats on set; however unpredictable they might be.😊



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Why did they team up these two? Bad decision