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also, make sure you are on the RECENT THREADS tab rather than the POPULAR THREADS tab.

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On 3/5/2015 sylviahomeatlast said:

maybe "recent" posts at the top of the threads instead os "popular" posts. Does that make sense?

EXACTLY, that's the problem. When you are looking at the viewpoints forum click on the "recent" posts tab on the top of the list of threads. That'll straighten it out.

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Yes, I always have to sign in when I post, I have no idea why you cannot see your posts unless you are looking in the wrong forum.
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On 3/5/2015 Kachina624 said: Seems like I sign in over and over throughout the day, then if I want to check "order status", I have to sign in yet again.
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On 3/5/2015 dooBdoo said:

I've seen reports of people needing to sign in repeatedly, but only experienced it one time.

Be sure to clear all browser cookies, cache, website data, and then relaunch the browser. Also, check the version of your browser to be sure it's up-to-date. Try a different browser, and see if you still have this problem.

If none of that helps, there might be other things to check... but without knowing what hardware, OS, and add-ons/extensions everyone's using, it's hard to know what might be happening.

hovis, I do see previous posts from you, some of them today. Have you tried clicking on your own nickname or (when signed in) clicking "My Activity" at the top of the page? That will show you all your posts.


If she closes her browser after posting here, that could be the reason.

I don't leave my computer running all day and always close my browser. When I return I have to sign back in.

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On occasion I have forgotten to hit the submit button. Your post won't show unless you do. Just an idea.

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On 3/5/2015 shoekitty said:

I have had trouble only with the QCard account. Every time I go to sign into my account, they make me register again. New password, info the whole bit. The CS cannot figure it out. I have registered 4 times in the last 2 months/ I am running out of passwords I can remember. Never, ever had this problem with any account, or QVC before

This is a trick,I used for frequent password changes at work: I just changed the last letter, a, b c, etc. For example: Montana, Montanb, Montanc, etc, The computer saw it as a completely different password.

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On 3/5/2015 croemer said:

Hmm...have you tried singing out and signing back in? This makes no since?

How could singing out help in any way???