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@rms1954, can I send Theodore and Alvin to you?  They are cute, but they have caused havoc with my plants.  

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They tear up the pots on my patio to bury the peanuts some neighbor puts out for them.   Don't ever let one get in your house - that is a nightmare!

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So sweet. ❤️

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I have many little chipmunks here,last year a bumper crop of them, they are cute,but they sure dig many holes!!

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I agree that they are cute, but these little rascals completely destroyed our yard when we lived out West. 

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@Just Bling

We have had chipmunks in our yard.  One of our dogs barks at them and they leave.  However, this summer we have had a non-poisonous, large Black Snake in the yard.  Now we only have one surviving chipmunk.  Get a snake and let nature take its course.  By the way, I do think chipmunks are cute and fun to watch, but my husband hates them because as you state, chipmunks can do a lot of property damage.  So, my husband is glad to have the snake around!

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@rms1954 - I'm so jealous. When I lived in NJ we had the cutest chipmunks running all around. Where I live now we have none. Maybe on my next trip I should bring a couple back with me, just kidding.

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Re: Have a Chipmunk Friend

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Ground squirrels are cute and fun to watch, but having been involved with a squirrel invasion in my grandmothers house, I assure you they are extremely destructive.  


And it all started because my Papaw started feeding them peanuts.   It was so cute to watch him whistle and several of them come running to the porch.   The squirrels went from taking peanuts off the porch rail in front of his chair, to taking them from his hand and from his pocket.   It was cute, and us grandkids thought our Papaw was the greatest squirrel tamer ever!   


But 10 years later, Papaw died, and Mamaw wasn't interested in continuing his hobby of feeding squirrels.   However, there were MANY squirrels nearby that still expected their daily handout of peanuts, and if no one was on the porch to hand them out, the squirrels chewed their way inside the house to get their treat.   

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Awww, you are so lucky!    I would love that.


I haven't seen chipmunks on my property but, over the years, squirrels.  Haven't seen them since earlier this year so I hope they are ok.  They sure do love the peanuts!   


The little mousies outside also love the peanuts so I always put a bunch out for them and the Scrub Jays also love them.   Those little squawkers come around as soon as they hear me out there.


I used to get these great unsalted, raw peanuts on Amazon, on auto-delivery, and they stopped having them.  So bummed!   I have to buy them at the grocery store now (but they only have the roasted ones), and they cost more.

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omg!!! love this!! i have always loved chipmunks.. they're so cute.. my mom has them at her house, but the suckers are soooooo fast  lol. absolutely adorable!!