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Re: Has this happened with Amazon?

Last year I ordered a printer for printing my Poshmark labels. I had no idea it was coming from a separate shipper out of China. The package went to a New York post office and sat there for days, and then someone at the post office decided my address was undeliverable and sent it back to the shipper. I did get a refund after I notified Amazon who contacted the shipper. So it really wasn't the seller's fault, but still, buyer beware.

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Re: Has this happened with Amazon?

I totally understand any company that has issues happen Man Very Happy


I didnt contact Amazon due to there was no delivery followup on the site! They are doing a refund and Im fine with it Man Very Happy


I have spent alot with them during this pandemic so not a problem to have a refund lmbo Man Very Happy


I hope that I do receive the delayed item that is due on april 24th.Man Very Happy


I appreciate every reply, thank you!Man Very Happy

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Re: Has this happened with Amazon?

This happened once to me.  Months ago.  Never understood why.  I made sure it was cancelled and reordered.