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🎃👻Halloween Poll

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1.  Last Saturday of October


2.  October 31st






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Who are they petitioning?  "The Powers That Be?"

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It isn’t a randomly chosen date. 

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I couldn't care less.  I haven't had a child come to my door in the last 20 years.  They just don't trick or treat in my neighborhood.  Thank goodness.

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Halloween is Halloween. Take it or leave it. Ridiculous. Not every date can be changed to accommodate retail or otherwise as a matter of convenience...

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Halloween falls on October 31st.  It is not necessarily "celebrated" on October 31st.  Most communities govern their own "trick or treat" date/functions. I see no need to move it.

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Worthless holiday.


I know kids like the candy.....but like so many just is not a safe way to get free candy theses days going to strangers homes.  I would prefer that they have a place to go ( a mall or school) and not knock on doors.  It upsets my dogs....and I go to bed early. 



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We turn the lights off and keep eye out. Same goes for the 4th of July. In TX

they need to outlaw fireworks not just in the city limits, but, ban period.

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i am not much into halloween anymore.

my kids are grown, i dont like costume parties, we dont have trick or treaters, and i dont have grandchildren yet.

i do think that having it on the last saturday of october is a very good idea......

i do remember a thread one year with some teachers complaining about kids hyped up on sugar the day after halloween......they can have a down sunday if it is the last saturday of october.

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It's been on the 31st forever so I don't understand wanting the switch and it's silly to change. Half the fun of the event is the anticipation of going out at dusk.

And I am going out on a limb here by saying times have changed and it's not the day of the week that's the problem it's the people that can't follow the rules (age limits and curfew). And if a parent can't go with their child can't they go with other neighborhood kids in a group with an adult. I'm just asking.