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Do you have your Real ID?



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Yes, I have the real ID

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My license expires next October and I will get it sometime next summer. 

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No, don't need one.  I can use my passport if needed to travel.

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@Carmie wrote:

No, don't need one.  I can use my passport if needed to travel.

@Carmie  Same  here. Will just use passport.

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My license doesn't expire until 2022, but I will get it before October 2020.  I had to send off for my birth certificate, but I have done that and received it.

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Not yet.  The deadline for Illinois is October of 2020. 


There is a checklist on the DMV website about what documents are needed.  I think my license expires next year, so I will get it when I renew my license. 



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There is no reason why NJ shouldn't have it already due to the fact that we have to prove who the h3!! we are every 4 years in order to renew it.


Ever since the Homeland Security went into effect we need to show up at DMV with 6 points of ID every time we need to renew our license. At some point you do get a one time pass and can renew by mail then next time you're right back to showing up with all the paperwork.