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I don't watch HSN much, but I was flipping channels the other night and saw a drone for sale. I did a double take. lol. I am a techie girl, and I think that they are cool, but I would never buy one. (However I also see lots of problems coming due to drones, because like with most modern technology there is good and bad about it). Would you buy one?

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I didn't see the drones HSN is selling but Evine has been selling drones for over a year now and each new model is more sophisticated.

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I just do not understand the reason for owning or using a drone.

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No, I would have no use for one

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I guess with more people buying drones for different reasons more privacy will be lost. Don't forget to close your blinds when in the bathroom a drone might just peek in at you!! Years ago it was peeping Toms now it's drones.
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@colliegirls wrote:

I just do not understand the reason for owning or using a drone.

they're awesome for monitoring gardens, crops, etc. 



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The Q sells drones also..............I bought one for my son from the Q................................raven

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You can buy drones in many stores. There's a local company in my city who takes amazing aerial photography of the wildflowers, the recent flooding, and all kinds of things. They're pretty awesome.


Here's a link to a story about the video he made flying over the bluebonnet fields a few months back: Check out the video.


His Facebook page, Over Austin, has many beautiful images he's taken of the city skyline and videos of events happening around town. In the right hands, a drone can be an amazing tool to deliver beautiful images.

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We use them to take film/photos of inspections that would normally be dangerous to our engineers. This is one of them at a conference I attended.





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I can see where certain businesses might have a use for them, otherwise, you've got too much time on your hands!