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@cherry wrote:

I think something is up with them. They don't have the Clever Carriage handbag shows  like the did,and Sharif is over at  Evine now.


They were both good sellers.


I haven't seen Diane Gilman on ,in weeks and this is counting down time for Christmas


I don't think they have as much in the clothing line as Q.


They don't have the Jewelry they used to, either


Victoria Weick is at Evine



I just saw two Clever Carriage shows a couple of weeks ago for the new Oriental Express movie tie in. I didn’t watch them, but I saw them listed.


i have one Clever Carriage bag I bought a few years ago that I just love.

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@Moonchilde.  Actually, the antenna I got is designed for people in urban areas.  You buy by the distance from the transmitters.  Ours are on the mountain about 14 miles away so I was able to get the least expensive model.  I'd estimate I get about 50 channels, most of which I'd never watch.  One thing I find reception is much better in the evenings than mornings.  Atmospheric conditions?  They may have improved antennas since the digital switch.



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Yes, @Kachina624, I think/hope they have probably improved the antennas since right at the time of the switch-over. Everyone else I’ve known when that occurred went with basic cable since LA’s antenna prospects were so bad where we were at the time. This was also before cable went completely through the roof.

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I think they are taking Clever Carraige into a different direction. They used to sell strictly purses and now they sell things like bedding and some bits of clothings


I constantly scour HSN's website  looking for new things, and they just don't have the bags they used to. Everything I see is old product, and I mean very old.


I have 6 of their bags, and everyone is a keeper. MY newest one I got brand new with the tags and packing on ,from ebay


I just love it. It is the French Patesserie bag. It is canvas coated with PVC, and screen printed. I like it because in the winter, with salt  everywhere if it gets set in an area with a bit of salt, I can just wipe it off