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Wasn't sure where to post this.  I play games on HSN and use my points to win prizes.  Apparently this is changing. 


Here is what the notice said:


Great news!

Coming 2024, we’re taking our arcade to the next level.

As we work to bring you fun new games and improvements, we’ll be retiring some of our programs.  Starting October 1, you’ll no longer earn tickets for playing – but you can redeem any remaining tickets in our Reward Store through the end of the year.  We’re also be ending our Game of the Week sweepstakes and Friday Night Trivia at the end of September.




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Re: HSN Games and Rewards Store

After playing for many years, I finally won something and currently have 850,000 points--LOL!


Wonder how it's going to change?  The games are fun to play anyway.


I liked Spin2Win when free shipping or 15% coupon was offered.  I'm sure the changes won't be for the better!


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Re: HSN Games and Rewards Store

I wish they would bring back a flower game they had maybe 8 years ago or so.  I cannot remember the full name but it was so much fun trying to get several groups of flowers all in the same color before they dropped off themselves.

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Re: HSN Games and Rewards Store

I have been playing for years.  I had a feeling that the games were fading away.  There used to be 3 pages (not full pages, but arrow overs I guess you can call it) of raffle items, then down to 1, then since last week less than 1.  I think I will stop playing now and use up as many points as I can until the end of the year.




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Re: HSN Games and Rewards Store

I've played a few of the games over the years but now I'm stuck with playing Mahjongg Dimention Candy only. Hope it does not go away.


Haven't redeemed any tickets for years but I will start doing so.

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Re: HSN Games and Rewards Store

I've been redeeming tickets all along but, of course,  never won anything.  I really never expected to.  Another change I noticed lately, there haven't been any ads.