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Congratulations!  I won three times, but the most recent was more than ten years ago.  Vince Camuto sunglasses, Marilyn Miglin fragrance set, and the third I don't remember. I had been wondering if anyone actually wins anymore since it was so long ago the last time.  I am happy for you!



Thanks!  I used to like playing the "spin to win" game but that no longer exists.  You won 3 times??  That inspires me to keep playing!



Spin to win still exists but you have to put "spin2win" in the search bar.

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@kze   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  Never thought of doing that.  So I played and won 100 tix!  I'll look forward to playing every day thanks to you!

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Funny, I play Spin to Win daily and have over 160,000 points , but I never play the games. Ridiculous, I know. 

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I love playing "Word Swipe" and sometimes the Daily Word Search games.  I haven't won anything, yet.  

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I checked my HSN/QVC email for any Winning HSN Game Numbers (to-be) and they werent there.  bummah.  


   But I did notice that HSN frequently sends my email some generous coupons I'd forgotten to look for.  Gosh, for all the SKINN, some Nakery Holiday scent, some Korres, Perlier Latte, Tan Luxe, et al, I buy there, I should check for these coupons more often. 


Thanks for this reminder!  Love saving $$ for items I love!