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@rms1954  that's quite a blanket statement on HSN fashion.   Also chemical smells are not limited to their fashion.  I have seen tons of complaints here on QVC fashion having chemical smells.   Most of the chemical smells are caused by garments wrapped in plastic for their trip loaded on giant cargo ships.  Once the garments are removed from the plastic and washed, the chemical smell usually dissipates

@Teddixat- The OP is speaking about ShopHQ not HSN.

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@Kachina624 @rms1954 


i have never had a problem with returns at HSN/.  In fact they send outexchanges immediately and you don't have to wait.   They ship fast and refund fast.    I love Giuliana Rancic fashions and have ordered quite a few items.  I had them in 4 days.  They have always been accommodating for me.    Interesting how we all have different experiences. 

''the absolute worst in CS is ShopHQ and don't be surprised by sticker shock when you use their return label.  They charge almost $10 to return an item 5 lbs or more.   It took 15 days to get a refund after they had received the item

@Teddixat    We were referring to ShopHQ, not HSN. 

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oops my bad.   Sorry 

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I thought the OP was talking about SHOPHQ (HQ) once named Evine and a few other names. Maybe I'm wrong.


If it's SHOPHQ, I've never had any problems with their clothing.

I was speaking of HQ.  My post states "HQ.". Not HSN or QVC.  I wonder if people really read???