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Im tired of these health officials being so wishy/washy (no pun intended).....I do contactless grocery delivery and do kinda sorta give things a light swipe with clorax wipes....wipe counters, door knobs, wash my hands constantly......


They told us not to wear masks leave those for health care workers....and now in our city they are making masks mandatory and now, no masks to be found....they are even scarcer than clorax wipes and lysol and sanitizer.... my a/c filters are in my A/C where they should be dont know if they would be safe inside a homemade masks anyway (more contradictions)....dont know if a dish towel is effective and the You Tube shows home made masks using socks...Im not cutting up my expensive socks!!!!  Mostly I stay at home except a quick run to Walgreens....or I do occasionally get fresh air by taking a short walk early when no one is about!!!  So I think Im good.... 

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@Foxxee wrote:


That's why you use sanitizer when you get to the car and wash your hands when you get home and after you put your groceries away. 

Of course if you're more comfortable wiping your things down, go ahead.  Whatever makes you comfortable. 


I do both during the flu season, too.  Being careful only lessons the possibility of getting something.  Not a guarantee.  



@Foxxee  What guarantees are there in life...except death?

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@BlueFinch wrote:

They're just now telling us this, after hearing all the scare stories?  For cryin' out loud, why wasn't this type of study carried out at the get-go?  Were others really that unreliable? We needed (early) accurate information regarding every source of potential contamination.  Argh! 


Okay, I'm just mad, since my grocery trip yesterday turned into a 4 hour project. First off, I was dodging all the folks not wearing masks while shopping, then loading, unloading, and finally wiping everything down at home. I was exhausted. Somebody's gotta pay Woman Frustrated.  



Because we no longer have a National Global Pandemic Response Team.

They were ‘not needed’, an we wasted the advance warnings we had.

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Wear disposable Flap top Sandwich Baggies to push cart around store, to grab items off shelves, to carry bags into house, to open the mailbox, to pump gas. Never carry a purse or wallet into store. Put money, license and credit card in baggie and slip in jacket or pants pocket. Wash cc when return home. Lay rest on counter. Do not touch for 3 days. Never wear anything dangly like a scarf or hanging earrings or long hair. Tuck in or wrap up hair. Are the baggies clumsy at first, yes, do they work, yes.
I have transacted credit card purchases wearing them. Just get a feel for them. They are disposable. They are cheap. They fall off to toss out, you do not need to unroll them like disposable gloves. You can stretch them a little to make them work. You can even tape them loosely so they stay on better if you need.
All food from grocery sits in screened in porch for 8 hours to 2 days. In coolers if needed. I call it the corona decontamination porch. All canned goods and glass jars get washed in sink in dish soap and water. All packaged items get wiped down with a soapy damp paper towel, if items are plastic bagged, the bag gets washed in sink if it has no holes. If holes, it gets a wipe down and then contents get transferred to a zip lock bag and the original bag gets tossed. It takes a long time to deal with groceries properly. So what? At least I am still here to be able to be tired from all of this and not dead because it was too big of a deal to handle properly.
Also any clothes worn to store go into washing machine asap, even jacket, and I go into shower. How do you know if your hair or eyebrows or skin got a droplet? It can happen. Think of the outside world as toxic. Cover up those bare hands and mask that face. Wash those groceries. Your life depends on it.

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@Meowingkitty wrote:

@Nightowlz wrote:

I'm not doing that anyways. I just picked up $200 worth of groceries. I'm not washing all that stuff. LOL!!! It is what is it. I just make sure I wash my hands after handling it before eating etc.

Not everyone wearing masks or social distancing. I use self-checkout.

I agree. I'm not washing all of that stuff either. Most of it sits in the fridge, freezer or in the pantry for days before I use it so I would think ther germs are gone by then. I do wash my hands before and after putting them away. 

This is how I tend to look at it, too.


Plus, I have many health issues where I go to medical appointments often enough in a hospital setting.


For me personally, I had to get used to the idea that I would be exposing myself to pathogens especially in that kind of a setting.


I just make sure to practice good hygiene and I wash my hands frequently after going out in public.


Of course I'm keeping my distance from others and I'm keeping my face covered too when going out, and I'm only going out when necessary. 


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@Allegheny wrote:

They've told us how long the virus can live on surfaces and to leave our boxed deliveries outside yet they say mail and food and its packaging is OK to handle.   I realize the chances for contamination may be small but please don't give me conflicting data.


I am not concerned about the employees of the store, but the customers.  Who knows if a shopper has the virus, who could have coughed or sneezed into their bare hand while shopping then picks up a piece of fruit/vegetable and put it back down; or picks up a package to read the inform and puts it down.

They are the ones concerning me too. Most are respectful, but once in a while you read about some who aren't. I've had friends tell me people are lining up in one grocery store closer than 6 feet, and passing close by them in the aisles. My one friend says if she sees anyone in an aisle she won't go down it. 


A woman in Los Angeles was standing in line when the man in back of her sneezed. She came down with a "bad cold" a week later. Her husband took her to doctor; she was diagnosed with bronchitis and told to rest. After a few days she was still coughing constantly. Her doctor said to go to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with double pneumonia and put on a respirator. A few days later she was gone. She had no other health problems, and had been staying in, but went out to run four errands that day. 


I'm doing drive up pick ups at a small market near us and at Walmart, where I had better luck today (the first time I went I got 25% of what I ordered; today it was 75%). I'm still waiting to go to the supermarket, but I'm holding off as long as I can.


You all have mentioned the precautions to take. I am not washing fruits and vegetables until right before we use them. My friend uses soapy water. DH (a veterinarian) says the soap is not that great to use on produce. If the food I pick up is non perishable it stays in the garage a few days. Meats and vegetables go right into the refrigerator or freezer. I throw all plastic bags out right away and put things in my own containers. 


He also says to watch your shoes. If we do go out, we will take a pair of shoes to wear in the store, and change out of before we get back in the car. Then we'll leave them outside to sit a couple of days. 


I'm using Windex to wipe down the counters. It's not ideal, but I haven't had any luck getting anything else. I did find a container of dried up Lysol wipes in the hall bath. One of my friends said that can be reconstituted with alcohol, which is another thing I don't have much of!


I am quarantining the mail - 24 hours for paper or cardboard; 3 days for plastic. 

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@candys mine   I throw them out when I get home.