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Re: 🤣 Grocery Delivery 😂

While shopping at Wal-Mart pushing my own grocery cart, I notice the Wal-Mart employees that are shopping for customers pushing and pulling their 2 and 3 tiered cart monopolizing the whole aisle.  At least in my neck of the woods, they seem to think that they trump us lowly customers that are doing our own shopping.  I usually just wait for them to grab the items or produce off the shelves that they are looking for.  Then I take my items.  I notice they don't take long, meaning I don't see them checking expiration dates nor looking for unbruised fruit, etc.  


I know from the responses here most are happy with the groceries they receive.  As for me, I scrutinize the items a little more.  I open the egg cartons, check dates, no dented cans, and so on.  I never notice them doing that, the ones I have witnessed anyway.  I think I am a choosy mom......I choose Jif.  LOL. 

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Re: 🤣 Grocery Delivery 😂

My Walmart curbside pickup stuff is usually good. I don't buy produce, just bananas. How can you go wrong with bananas?? Uh, yes there's bad and then there's really bad that they put them on sale so you'll buy them. I got some green bananas that where so hard you could have used them as weapons...!

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Re: 🤣 Grocery Delivery 😂

DH hates going to the grocery store and hasn't been in years. He loves to go to Costco, however ( free samples, he's like a kid). He ended up in the grocery store last week when we went in to buy some gift cards...I needed to pick up some eggs, and he was appalled at the price. I told him " welcome to my world". I think he has new respect for my savvy shopping skills. If something has skyrocketed in price, I simply don't buy it. I think grocery delivery is a huge help to many, but with so many things being hard to find or jumping in price exponentially, it is harder to manage a budget for many and still get what is on your list.