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Why did you have, 3 hosts and a vender.   Too much going on.   Chatter and giggles.  Enough.   


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No disagreement here!  

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I tuned in because everyone was saying David seems so down anymore, like he's bored.  And unending complaints of him not wolfing down the food.


I was happy to see David upbeat, involved and he ate.  No he didn't eat gobs of food, he taste tested.  Enthusiatically!  I was so happy to see that.


His mother called in and he wished her a happy birthday. There were 3 other men on with him, the Corky's guys was one, have no idea who the other two were.


All in all, I don't think David is bored with his job.  That makes me happy.

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@Lucky Charm  I think David is reinventing his shows & finding some ups/downs along the way.  I agree w/alot of what you are saying.  


But, I think he being I think the Q's best salesperson, could sell ice to eskimos, anyway, he brought in the more expensive cookware LeCresuet & others, the more expensive food products & him taking the big bites of whatever food product at the time, doing the eye rolls, the happy dances, etc. it sold whatever he was presenting at the time.  His facebook chats during his shows was all about many people saying whatever he's presenting they are buying & they are/were buying alot.  So, now he has a food taster, he's being more healthy/making healthy choices & are the vendors questionning why they are there, are the customers still buying when he's not tasting - again, I think he's reinventing and we'll see as the real bottom line is are people buying what he's selling.

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I seriously doubt David brought in Le Creuset.  He sells it, but I feel sure management and buyers brought in the line.  David is an on-air host who plays a role to a certain audience and he is very good at it.  


I don't get the feeling that any hosts drive the boat on much of anything.  

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David is my favorite out of all the old timers.  Don't get me wrong---I like them all!


I have to be honest though, I've never bought anything from watching one of his shows.  I just don't watch cooking shows to buy.  But I do enjoy watching David present items.  I just don't watch too much.