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She shared on her Facebook page this morning she's no longer with QVC after 19 years. I always enjoyed her. 

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Oh, my heavens, that is sooooooo sad.

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I always enjoyed her.  She has the most beautiful speaking voice.  I wish her well.

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Lately, she has not had the Denim & Co. spot with regularity, and it sent my mind racing, to be honest.


I liked her and enjoyed her presentations.  Hoping this exit will bring in a new type of joy into her life.

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Well you know I am really mad over this   She was so relatable and I am so mad I will pay my bill off and I am done with it all... I will shop elsewhere like I used to .. I think I will call and write and complain about this . I have been watching less and less and I am done I can find something else to watch and keep my channel on .. QVC Big Mistake 

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Re: Carolyn’s gone

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She was my favorite host.  Good explanations of product sizes, etc. Guess the Q would rather hire loud, obnoxious, cheaper hosts. I won't be watching as much QVC as in the past.  

And after 19 years they don't even give her a good bye party. Shame on them.

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@simplyfriends    I'm hopeful for Carolyn that it's her choice, freely made rather than a company choice or a health-related one.    I love her voice, her manner, and her expertise.  I will miss her.

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I am stunned. I hope this was her decision to retire and enjoy traveling in her new RV. She will be missed. I wish her much happiness and fun adventures in her new chapter.

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I enjoyed her garden shows and taped them to watch later, if I was not available when presented. Very sad news..

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind