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I get the 20% off code quite often then I can't think of anything I want or need  to buy

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Me too!

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Me too!  I don't have an HSN card but that 20% off code they send often is quite nice of them

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Just received the 20% off email for today.


They seem to arrive about once a month.  No HSN credit card needed on most of these 20% offers.


HSN rules!

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@new nickname 4  so funny, I ordered the Anywhere Maxi dress too and ITA, it was a steal!


I received the HSN coupon too and for me it seems to always correlate with my Andrew Lessman puchases.  Could be coincidental though.  I did use it already and bought another Andrew Lessman product with free shipping.......Ahem Q!!!!????


@Kachina624  Keep an eye out in todays email, you never know.  I don't have the credit cards either for HSN or QVC. 

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I get the 20% off coupons all the time, but most of what I'd buy are electronics, so the coupons have no real value to me. They did send me a $10 off coupon on anything that I used on their recent 8" Fire tablet. That dropped the sale price down to $49.99 for the tablet. I want to get a new Tracfone before the end of September and the Motorola Moto Stylus is my target, but it's right around $200 at both shopping channels. I've got it favorited on both and check the prices fairly often to see if it'll drop. 

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Aren't QVC and HSN now owned by the same company?

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