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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

Our neighbors are great. We all watch out for one another. Our next door neighbor left for 2 weeks in Hawaii and we offered to shovel their driveway if need be. Well wouldn't you know we've been experiencing the worst snow fall in years! Lol! Their timing for their vacation was perfect! Heart

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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

We are good neighbours and have good neighbours as well.  It is a blessing!

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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

Years ago my hubby would bring home the plow from work and do our driveway and the neighbors-it was much appreciated and he loved doing it.

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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

@deepwaterdotter   I have very good neighbors...and I am thankful.  My next door neighbor always shovels the driveway when we have snow....or helps me with small repairs in the house.    He is also very kind.  As I said in a previous post, he takes care of the stray cat that travels between our homes.  He built him a little house with blankets and feeds him daily.  That's a good man.  

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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

I've lived in this neighborhood for several decades.  Back then neighbors helped neighbors, but as the years went by many of these neighbors downsized and move out of the area or out of the state.  New, mostly younger neighbors have moved in and, unfortunately,  there no longer is a neighborhood comradery.   

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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

@deepwaterdotter ,  you are indeed blessed to have them!


Another blessing, that is so good to see,  is your own robust appreciation of kindness.   It's true that a profound gratitude for the good things in life, both small and big, makes everything better.  

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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

We have great neighbors. Living in a beach town, a few homes are owned by part timers. During the Winter months we snow blow our neighbor to the right driveway. We want to make it look like someone lives there year round. Our neighbor appreciates it very much. We also pick up or notify him of any packages delivered to his house while away. Neighbors help neighbors. That is the way it should be.
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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing


Good neighbors are indeed one of the greatest gifts.


I would also think that YOU are also a good neighbor.  Takes one to know one.



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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

It is indeed a blessing to have good neighbors.


Our neighbors are wonderful.  I have known many of them since childhood.  We all built our homes about 30 years ago in the same neighborhood.


Everyone helps each other dig out after a storm and even plow out the streets before the plow gets here if needed.


We have some sick elderly neighbors and they're always taken care of. Even their grass gets cut in the summertime.


One neighbor passed away during the wintertime and his drive was was cleared off so his house didn't look vacant.


Good neighbors are better than money in the bank.



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Re: Good Neighbors are a Blessing

@catter70 wrote:

I'm blessed with great neighbors. I have COPD and can no longer mow the grass or shovel much and neighbors on both sides do these chores (and others) for me. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Sounds as though others feel privileged to be able to help you.  Am sorry about your COPD.  Know about because of my mom's COPD.   Like you, independence for her...very important.  But letting others help you...equally as important.  Take care.