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@KatieB  So glad you have them!  I live in SE PA, and we just goi our first males in bright yellow last week. We always keep a feeder full of Niger seed for our finches, and that's where we see the goldfinches first. Sometimes they stay through the winter, but I didn't see any this year. They are quite drab in the winter.

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We live in RI and the Goldfinches showed up a week or two ago. We only get them in the warmer weather, they are totally gone by October as are the Hummingbirds.  We have many birdfeeders and really enjoy them.   We leave a bird bath out all winter and have a heater for it, it's very important for the birds to have water in the wintertime.

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The goldfinches were back again this morning.  Still so pretty and cute little birds. Then a sparrow came along a ran them off.  Maybe my feeder will become a normal stop for the goldfinches.

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I get them on occasion, but not many and they never hang around.  I have put out a thistle feeder for them and they ignored it.  In fact NONE of my birds used it, so I eventually took it down. I have plenty of the red house finches and a nest on top of my front porch security camera. I now have Bluebrids though and they are hanging around this year.  In past years they woud show up on occasion, but never stay for long.  I know they like open areas and we have lots of trees, so figured that's why they didn't hang around.  Wondering if it's because the next door neighbor took down several trees last year.  It's still pretty wooded though.