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Going back to campus full time

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Going back to campus September 1st.  Fall sememster. Going to feel strange to see my office.  Like starting work all over again.  No more working at home.  At least not till after Thanksgiving break.  If we continue on campus, we'll be back for Spring semester.  All persons, students, employees, etc have to report their vaccination.  I'm vaccinated and they know.  I'm not sure if vaccination is mandatory.  Some schools are and some are not. I still have their computer at home.  (a laptop) Not sure when I have to give it back. I'll be back Monday through Friday.  I have the shuttle schedule, but I'll be driving in the beginning.  Till I figure out a better way to go.  I won't have to wear my mask in my office.  We are cut off from the general student population.  I won't have to wear it outdoors.  I will have to wear it if I take the university shuttle though.  The guidelines are from the state.  Our state has a high vaccination rate and testing positive is pretty low (2%) 


My sister is back to her office too.  It's volunteering. She's a state employee.  So she picked Friday to work from home.  Mondays through Thursday at the office. My husband is still working from home.  

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Re: Going back to campus full time

@songbird   Hoping for you that the return to your on campus office goes smoothly.


Will probably be nice to interact in person with colleagues in person again.





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Re: Going back to campus full time

My company was going to allow us back to the office for a few days during the week on Sept 7th.  However, they changed it and we will continue to work from home full time until further notice.


Even when we are permitted to go back, I will continue to work from home and go to the office just one day during the week.

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Re: Going back to campus full time

My sister's company is slowly transitioning back to working in the office.  She started back in the office in mid-July and feels very unsettled with it.  She wears a mask with an insert.  She is vaccinated.  I think it is a requirement for her company.


During the year and a half they all worked from home, her company moved their office space and she now has a horrible, horrible commute.  I feel so bad for her.


Our vaccination rate here in Georgia isn't great and we have pretty high numbers right now, especially in our schools.

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Re: Going back to campus full time

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I return to my college this Thursday.  Other employees have been back for some time.  Staff and students must be vaccinated or have a medical or religious exemption.  Not sure yet what we'll have to do about masks, but I'll wear one because of the Delta variant.  I'm excited about meeting my kids in person.  Last fall and spring were a challenge, but everyone pitched in and made the semesters work.  I really hope we don't have to go back to virtual even though it saved me a commute.