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I live in a rural area where we have frequent power failures. I keep my freezer full so it stays cold as long as possibleif and when we lose power.

.'s not hard to have a full freezer. They are not that big. Especially those super annoying side-by sides.


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I have been on both ends of this ,getting gifts i do not want,and giving gifts they do not like,also some people do not like frozen beef,don't know why,i would love that gift.

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I would love and appreciate a gift like that...some people will complain about anything....

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The poster said her husband was not concerned about this. That is because he knows his mother. He knows she'd complain and whine about any present they gave her. That's just who she is.

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We only know the OP's side, how do we know if the mother in law truly complains? Could it be that the OP gave her this gift because she likes it and gave no consideration what the mother in law's likes or dislikes? I don't believe the husband/son gives any input for gift giving and has his wife handle it.

The brother complained because he's now stuck with the unwanted gift.

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Reminds me of Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray came home from his parents house with one of Marie's bras stuck to the back of his shirt. Deborah took the bra and wrapped it up and gave it to Marie for Christmas. She said "no thank you dear it is not my style," and handed it back to Deborah. Merry Christmas!!

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Scraphappy, I haven't read every comment, but the problem is her, not you. You did a nice thing and she should have been gracious enough to accept it and say something nice about it. You did nothing wrong.


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I am a Diabetic and can't tell you how wonderful I thought a gifted box of chocolates was..... I mean it, I couldn't eat them of course, but I immediately opened the box and passed it around and my family and friends thoroughly enjoyed them.... and my thank you card always reflected my appreciation for the thought and kindness behind it.

..... and I thought your gift was very kind and thoughtful and I would have loved it and made short work of it! Woman Wink

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Perhaps she was wanting her son to buy her a freezer, since her complaint wasn't the gift but lack of freezer space for it. Next year, you could send a fruit or dessert of the month. A gift that keeps on giving.

@occasionalrainwhen I first read the OP's Post I thought of an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" when Raymond enrolled his parents in the "Fruit of the Month Club". Marie complained and complained and asked Raymond to make it stop because she can go to the market and buy her own fruit.

too funny Smiley Happy


@northiie57, this really made me laugh. Marie Barone was in a class all by herself.

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How unfortunate, it seems a wonderful gift that many would love. It just seems more and more some people look for a reason to be miffed.

Even with no room in the freezer, it's not like this was one unyielding item. How easy to stuff a filet here, a burger there...

Most of the items can be keep in the fridge, hot dogs would last for weeks. Other items taking a couple days to thaw and plan meals around.

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