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@esmeraldagooch wrote:

I'm not surprised all these pro women men are anything but.


Obviously many are not pro woman and never have been.

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@esmeraldagooch wrote:

I'm not surprised all these pro women men are anything but.

That's how I feel about the "family values" men.

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It's disturbing a person can be fired based only on allegations.  Seems that he or she deserves his or her day in court, so to speak.  I guess the big shots that have been named so far have agreed with the charges, explicitly or implicitly.  Or, if they don't agree, they'll sue later for breach of contract.

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@JJsMom wrote:

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@JJsMom, I think that the poster was using a clever metaphor, not anything literal. At least, that was my take on it.

I guess I'm tired of the implication that bad things only happen in big cities, unless that poster was making the comment tongue-in-cheek as a dig against Keillor, in which case that would be clever. It's often hard to read intent on a message board, especially this one.


I never listened to his show, but if it romanticized a small town where everyone was honest, pure, and perfect, then it's probably good I haven't.





no worries......i was second guessing that comment also......and i know who he is and know what lake wobegon is supposed to represent. its a fantasy, pure and simple.


"Well, that's the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average."

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@tansy wrote:

@Isobel Archer wrote:

Looks like there really was/is a war on women.  Interesting who some of the combatants are.


What’s interesting about who *some* of the combatants are?

Um maybe that they've been lecuturing all of us for years on "the war on women"   Who knew that -behind that  self-righteous facade, they were, in fact, attacking women themselves.  It's also fascinating to hear about the women - e.g., Cokie Roberts and company (who knew who to avoid in elevators) who enabled this behavior against more vulnerable women because they weren't personally being bothered - and apparently regarded it as collateral damage.

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I'm probably in the minority, but I never could stand him. He always struck me as arrogant


I guess he must be

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Re  Garrison Keillor: I've never liked him, and being a Minnesotan that is tantamount to being a traitor. He is so unattractive to begin with, well maybe that's why he has to resort to harrassing behavior.


Re: Women harrassers: Of course there are women who do exactly the same thing, esp if they are in power. Just look at all those female teachers who seduce 8th and 9th grade students.


For some obscure reason, women are seen aa better, higher, more ethical, etc. etc. than men. In my mind, they are NO different. They just don't have the reins of power -- yet. When they do, watch out.

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A new tidbit from ABC News:


Minnesota Public Radio confirmed Keillor had been fired, saying it received a single allegation of "inappropriate behavior." The agency said it doesn't know of any other allegations against Keillor.


To me, that indicates he’s doing this as some sort of bizarre publicity stunt. He may be only 75, but it sounds like he’s losin’ it. He has strange ulterior motives, he thinks. 


Weird and creepy, just as I’ve always felt about the man.

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GIven that Lake Wobegon was always tongue in cheek, it's sadly perfect.