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Re: Fruits and vegetables

@IamMrsG   OK, I wasn't sure what part of Ohio you are located.  I know Heinen's has grown tremendously over the years, even as other stores have closed.  I'm about 20 miles east of Cleveland (think snowbelt!).  I've heard the Heinen's they opened in downtown Cleveland is huge and amazing, but I haven't been there.  With so many people both working and living downtown, it makes sense to have it there.

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Re: Fruits and vegetables

CENTRAL MARKET's produce IS outstanding!!!!!



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Re: Fruits and vegetables

Between May and November, we have a weekend greenmarket here in our area, and there's another one over in Union Square.  I believe there are others around the city.  Local (upstate and LI) farmers bring in their produce  baked goods, cheeses, etc.)


Around the corner is a "gourmet grocer" that carries nice produce and some "exotics" that aren't local products (I'm thinking about figs) ... and lots of other "not so easy to find" grocery items.  And, there are two regular supermarkets and a couple of Korean produce (etc) markets nearby.



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Re: Fruits and vegetables



I always hear how great and cheap farmer's market summer fruit and veg are.   That has not been my experience.  Two summers ago when we lived in the Philly area, I bought various fruit from our saturday market.  Not one thing had any taste to it at all.   Blueberries, strawberries, peaches etc.  And it was pricey.


Last Sept in Santa Fe we got some good peaches and tomatoes at the Sat. FM but they were pricey.   The worst was the green beans that had no taste when I cooked them and were $6.99 a pound!!!!   Two weeks later I bought green beans in one of the grocery stores for 99cents a pound that tasted like green beans. 


So, I'm not a big fan but will continue to check out stuff at the FM here , I just won't buy any more green beans.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Fruits and vegetables

@lovesrecess wrote:

We have a Central Market not far from us....but they are so over-the-top expensive I rarely buy produce there other than Hatch chilis when they come in....$6.99 a lb for yellow onions? I just think that is too is over $1.25 for each banana when you buy a bunch of four....

Yes, those are very high prices.

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Re: Fruits and vegetables

@Bridgegal ..........Thats too bad you had a bad experience with a farmers market veggies.  It does sound like a "farmer" did not do a very good job with this produce.


I know sometimes the veggies are not cheaper at the FM but usually the taste makes up for it.


I hope you will try it again at a different market and get a better experience.    Good luck

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