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Some days I think I want one and some days I think it will get used once or twice.  Do you have and use one?

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I’ve had a fire pit for about seven years.  All summer long I use it to hold the sticks that I collect around my property.  In the fall, my husband torches it on my birthday.  


Other than that, it doesn’t get much use.



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Our home came with a beautiful fire pit when we purchased it.  Yes, we do enjoy spending some evenings outside around the fire with friends and family.



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Nope. Makes me too nervous living in fire country.
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last time i sat around a fire....i was at girl scout camp....i'm 69!

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We would never use it. We never even sit on our back deck let alone next to a fire pit in the backyard. 


We also have a garden tub in our master bathroom that I never use.  I think I've used it 3 or 4 times in the 15 years we've lived here and haven't used it in a really, reallly long time now.

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We had one when our sons were here.  We used it all the time.

Empty nesters now, we probably would never use it, unless the 2GS spend the night

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Our home has had a fire pit for twelve years; we haven't used it at all. We also keep our fifth wheel at the beach where we use a fire pit ring (the tub of a washing machine which has soldered legs).  For fifteen years we use that fire pit a lot!

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I have one. They're very popular up here and I have acreage so people/neighbors are not on top of each other. Menards (like home depot) has DIY kits to build.


Nothing better than to find some cherry wood which is plentiful to burn on a chilly starlit night.


We have fire warning/red flag days here, too and I am mindful of those no burn days.

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We got one last year and put in on the patio. We love it. We grab some cedar wood from the local forest products place and store it in a small covered patio box. The kind you use for cushions and stuff. Keeps the bugs away and the wood nice and dry. It smells so good when it burns and keeps those pesky mosquitoes at bay in summer. They do not like the smoke.  When my adult children hang around, we get it started and sit around with a few glasses of wine. When its just me and hubs, we do the same thing. It’s getting chilly here now and we just hate the fall and winter. But on a decent evening, we do get it going and pull up close. It’s so easy to maintain. We may take the ash out three or four times a year but thats it.