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Re: Favorite Wax Melt

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Yankee Harvest!

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Tyler Candle Co. Burn strong and long. 

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Nene's Kitchen Melts are fantastic, been ordering from her for a long long time, excellent customer service, and very scented melts. They are 1.10 per melt, but I believe her shipping is 5.00-quick delivery too!

I haven't ordered for a while but Blackberry ButterJam Cookie was my favorite!!Heart

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I like the Better Homes & Gardens ones, but love the Burt's Bees Lemon.

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@beckyb1012 wrote:

@Reba055 wrote:

I think Scentsy are probably the best but I always forget to order them. I pick them up all over the place. Some are good, some not so much. I haven't found any that are super great. Yankee was years ago before they were sold. The ones from Kohl's are pretty good. Also the BHG at Walmart (for the price) but I never go to Walmart. Febreeze and Glade are OK. 



I have never seen Scentsy in retail stores.  Where can I buy them?  That would be so great.  Thanks.

If you go to and enter your address it will give you a rep near you. Someone mentioned eBay. I've never ordered from eBay. 


You can also Google Scentsy with your zip code and reps that are in your area will come up, either a FB page or website. You can order from their website. 

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I like one called "cupcake"and one called "berry cheesecake" or something like that..oh and melon ones I am partial to as welll

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I like the Cinnamon Stick from Walmart, or the similar Scentsy aroma. HSNs are extremely overpriced. The Yankee ones I've used have lost their aroma quickly.

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I have been a long time melter of tarts.  I like to use tealights.  For me, I feel it gives a stronger scent throw than an electric melter.  I am a huge fan of Walmart's Scentsational/BH&G tarts, Candles by Victoria tarts & Can-Do Candles tarts. I have quite a collection in my tart "keeping room"!  

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@panda1234 wrote:

Oh yes! Wal-mart sells Better Home & Gardens wax melts for $2. and they are the very best. They also sell another brand but I have never bought them.

Hi Panda I agree, there coconut candle is amazing, my favorite.  Have not seenn the wax melts yet in that fragrance.  But this brand is very good.  I also like Joy's Warm Sandlewood, it smells wonderful.  I can only find it on line or target.  But I am sure I canfind a similar one with the Better home and gardens ones.  The Better Home and Gardens I believe are made in the USA.

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I bought some of the better and homes wax melts, i do not care for them.

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