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Shopped for decades here and haven't met anyone in all the years that does so too. We must be a unique bunch 

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@Othereeeen wrote:

I confess!!!!


I used to have my nose high in the air about......ALDI!!!


REALLY high.



My mother, who has since passed at age 95, always wanted to go in and check it out, and I used to be so know it all because I thought I knew something negative about ALDI...until I finally relented and we went one day.


As she walked around and shopped, I began looking at the offerings and thought "HMMMMMM maybe I was a TAD hasty...let me try____________"*


* Actually, what I was  was an...well, you know!!!!


Mom has passed.


I LOVE ALDI and shop there all the time. About the ONLY thing I ever bought and didn't care for was thier German Red Cabbage. As for everything else....I save a LOT of money, have shopped there now for 15 years ( along with other stores where I can't get some items at ALDI) and realize...


I could have retired 6 months sooner with the money I could've saved if I'd started shopping there when Mom asked me to!!!!  (Slight exaggeration, of course, but I learned my lesson!!!)


As for QVC? I have a sister who smirks when I say I got something at QVC, but I don't care. She usually asks because she LIKES the item!!


I like QVC, have been introduced to a lot of things I may not have seen if it and HSN weren't on, and I like having Mr Brown deliver right to my door!!! Yes I may poke fun at the hosts ( who I think may contribute to the scorn QVC gets lately from NON-QVCers who may accidentally tune in)....or the hyperbolic claims, but they ARE a retailer, and we have so many choices today.


I telll my sister about my ALDI snobbism...maybe she'll watch QVC some day!!!


PS: I would give anything to take Mom shopping at ALDI today.

I am always amazed at how people are defined by where they shop. @Othereeeen  I love Aldi. I only buy certain things, but I save a lot. I love seeing that saved cash in in my bank account. I also like Costco.


I shop at high end retailers, and I like some things at Old Navy. I also bought a puffer jacket at Costco for $19.99.


Not one of these stores defines me. 

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Nope not embarrassed.  I will tell you if I ask.  One friend always asks, no problem telling.  One ex coworker always HAD to know, I usually tell her a thrift shop.  Rude if someone rolls their eyes.  Same ex coworker who used to buy stuff, use it for 30 days and return it.  So wrong.  She had an extensive wardrobe, yes, just because she wore stuff for 30 days and returned it.  


Last week I got my dad a charging stone for one of his Christmas gifts, the Q, $25 cheaper than amazon.  Same brand.  Some Amazon people dont check prices either.  I look several places first.  I still get some things here.  

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Re: Embarrassed ?

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I've only been an embarrassed QVC shopper once.  Maybe about 5 yrs. ago.  There was a Carole Hochman nightgown with a cardigan as a TSV.  All the female hosts went on and on about wearing it out to the store, walking the dog, meeting the girls for lunch (you know, the usual).  Well, they got me at a weak moment and I ordered TWO!  Shortly after that, my DH and I were on a little trip. I brought my outfit to wear to a morning event.  I paired it with some jewelry and sandals, and hoped I'd blend in.  On the hotel elevator a lady asked me if I got my "dress" from QVC. Oh, I could have died on the spot. I asked her if it looked stupid but she was nice about it.  Honestly though, if there was a rock close by, I would have crawled under it.  What I should have done was go back to the room and change.  DH said it looked fine so off we went to the event, me stewing all the way.  We took our seats and got out of there toot sweet when it was over.  Note to self: a nightgown is never appropriate to wear anywhere farther than my driveway! 🤦‍♀️😄

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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

@icezeus wrote:

Not embarrassed but I get annoyed with one of my girlfriends. She will ask me where I picked something up or purchased and then get's very condescending/hoity toity whenever I mentioned the Q or HSN.


Gosh @icezeus . I would be annoyed too.  Do you ever shop at thrift stores or consignment stores?  What would she think of that?  I always enjoy finding a bargain at a thrift store.  

@San Antonio Gal 

I am use to the snobbery. I just internally roll my eyes and keep it moving. 

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Re: Embarrassed ?

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@JeanLouiseFinch  oh my gosh, that is funny.  I’m sure it wasn’t at the time.  🤣🤣. Think of it as she watches too.  

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I'm not embarrassed at all to respond to the question where I got an outfit or anything.  If it's QVC, yes, I definitely and happily tell them.



However -- I do not like watching QVC with anyone who does not already watch QVC. 


I have to admit, that's where my embarrassment comes into play.  I watch shows to shop, not to keep on in the background. So there are times I might sit through silly squirrels, yoga poses, and other reality-show-shenanigans.


I watched once with one of my girlfriends and I could feel her eyes bug out wide, as she slowly turned her head towards me.  I looked at her and we both started laughing at the absurdity of what was happening on the screen.  She said, "is it always like this???"  I said, "No."  That's all that was said about it. Smiley Very Happy


But she loves the clothes I wear, and already knew a lot of it came from QVC.   

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Frequently! so...I lie. 

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Not ever Woman Very Happy

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Re: Embarrassed ?

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I bet you looked very nice...funny story!!


I just returned from Walmart grocery shopping....the place was mobbed, I'm no fashion plate, but I'm neat, matched, hair combed and shirt tucked in...


What a collection!!!


You would have looked like ready for a night in the theater if you'd have been there in your "dress" and jewelry...!!!


Anyway, as I was walking to the registers with my cart, thinking "only a few more minutes and you'll be safe in your car on the way was NOT the day you got executed in aisle 6 when buying a loaf of bread...)....



I saw a well dressed older man, striding confidently thru the store, on his way to pick something up quick -he had no cart to slouch over---...he had  on a nice dark blazer,a button down shirt, nice slacks, shined shoes, and every hair was in place, his jaw smooth from his morning shave...


He looked so out of place in Walmart I thought he had on a Halloween costume!!!



He was probably coming from church. What a pleasing site!!!


I bet you looked fine....


Today, pajamas or ANY kind would be an improvement over most of what you see out there!!!!