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Email a photo from a website

Please forgive me if I sound dumb.  I am on a new laptop usimg windows 11 and need instuction on how to email a photo from this website.  My previous laptop had windows 10 and I followed a previous posters directions and had no issues.  Please let me know.

TIA in advance.  Thanks

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Re: Email a photo from a website

Right-click on the photo and then save the image as a download to your files. From there you can drag it to your email.

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Re: Email a photo from a website

@WORKING GAL Do you want to email a picture from a site to you?  I just emailed myself an image here.  I copied & pasted a picture from one of the items of clothing here.  then emailed to to me..


Just copy & paste.  On a Mac you two finger click onto the image and a window pops up.  You hit copy image then paste it into your email.  


On a personal computer right click onto the image hitting the control or CTRL button & the letter C & then to paste CTRL & the letter P into your email.