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Does anyone know how convenient this Easy Pay really is i Ordered a LG TV on 6 easy payments and I've checked my bank account several times and I can see where the first payment was pending then they release the hold then qvc puts another hold on the first payment this has went on for about a week now and I never heard anything at all no emails no calls and on my account all it's says is in process with a EDD of DECEMBER 17th which was about a month ago which is redicoulos for shipping time. So one day I checked it and it said CONTACT CS 11/18/2015 so I contacted them on the 19th as soon as i seen it and all they would tell me that someone corporate would contact me before 5 that day which never happened then I called the next day just for them to say I would be contacted but they didn't give me a time and I still haven't heard from "Corporate office" all I can find out so far is its all being held up becuase my shipping address and billing address is different which I've never had a problem with before I'm just wondering if anyone has had this problem with easy pay or shipping with qvc that could offer any help becuase all customer service tells me is I will receive a call from corporate which hasn't happened in about a week.
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@Carl Kyker I apologize for any concern that we have caused on this order; I do see notes on the order and our finance team will be contacting you tomorrow (M-F dept.). Please email us at so that our team can follow-up and be sure that the call is successful.

Thank you.