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This will be the first time of just DH and the children. We've always had friends and other family join us. This stinks. Smiley Sad


I envy you.  It's not what you would have chosen of course, but you're still surrounded by family now and will have them with you for Easter.  Not everyone has that.  Many of us are separated from family and friends and are going thru all of this - every day - completely on our own.


@NYC Susan I am on my own, also.  Not even a pet for company.   But I couldn't risk the possibility of passing or picking up this horrible virus.


Sorry you're on your own, too.  I would love human contact, but social distancing is enormously important and the only way we can get closer to going back to more normal lives.   Stay well!  

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Stay home, stay healthy. 


That will be our Easter this year! 

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Thanks to everyone who is making the difficult decision to stay home without inviting others over on Easter.  Our actions are making a difference!

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      My husband and I have been practicing `with` the guide lines of 


............since the middle of February...and ~~~~~~~~ enjoying ~ every single many moments from morning to the end of day doing little things together.  We make it fun!

   How I love and appreciate this wonderful husband of mine.

           We work as a team as it should be.


  The last few weeks we did all of the wash that was very much needed,i.e, linens, towels and all sleepwear.  MMhhhhhhhhhh, fresh. 

     Next, the new completion of a new bed topper/sheets and a new quilt.


         He does half of the cooking and I finish up the oven -( does not know the many whistles to this convection range/oven- yet)..... Man Surprised 


 I started the wash(es),and he carried the dried / folded clothing, then put each of the items away in different rooms.

  Then he helped me as we decided what's in the freezer for a simple dinner for Easter.


 Woman Surprised ! Appears a lot of vegetables and fancy little protein doodads. Smiley Happy

 We will watch live streaming Easter church service.

 It's not the a sad time, but our son is keeping himself busy (alone) at his home. I would like to prepare his dinner and drive across to another state to leave on his back deck... JUST a gester of thought.

        He has plenty and can cook quite well. 

              FOOD IS NOT EASTER.


   'This is certainly not the 1st time we have not all been together for Easter and/ or Christmas. AND! I'm sure it will not be the last time. 


   The most important Common Sense {{Act}} we [all] can do is not become selfish and indulge ourselves >>>>>trying to make this abnormal into a I WANT a normal, immediately--- risking not only your family, but those around you.


   In my educated opinion we are just now learning to accept ...and I do not believe we are very close to having this disease destroyed BY any time assumed fairy land ending very soon.

                       Prayers for the affected.


  I am thankful for our health ability, to be in a comfortable home, food to feed our bodies.

        Clean water to drink and bathe.

       THINK of others who have almost nothing, or those with less than that.

!!Help!! .. someone during this time of illness without being close to each other, remember their family deaths that has changed families' lives overnight. Bring a gift of canned foods, or a small token of anything to occupy their minds, especially the ill and elderly.  ASK!


   If alone, call another friend or family member.


      The social distancing is our number ONE responsibility.


  Surely we can hug each other through a nice phone conversation. Write a letter/ send photos.



    Have a blessed Easter counting each one. 


 I have enjoyed reading each poster's decision on this.   Heart





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No but I am still having a nice Easter dinner with my son. Made Baked Ziti /with salad and I will bake a cake today.  Also Even though kids are grown, I still have some fun and dye  eggs and put candy out.  Like to keep it festive. Makes me feel good. And let's not forget that glass of Merlot lol.


Hope everyone has a nice Easter!   

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Good Morning and Happy Easter . Just me and DH. Not the traditional Easter meal but items from our freezer. Roasting turkey breast, making dressing and have a frozen sweet potato casserole. I have two cans of cranberry sauce. Baked a yellow cake with chocolate glaze and baked in 2 of the 8x8 pans, DH delivered one yesterday to his sisters driveway. SIL is not a baker😁😁😁. She called last night and was so surprised and excited.We count all our Blessings. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Southern Bee

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Anyone getting togwther with family for Easter?


I can't imagine anyone would even think of doing so.

Sadly, there WILL be people who get together and sadly there WILL be people who die b/c of their choice(s). What's really sad to me though is that there WILL be people die who did NOT choose to attend a family gathering, but rather HAD to go to a grocery store or some other "essential" place and had the unfortunate luck of crossing paths with someone who chose to completely ignore their own health and the health of completely innocent citizens.



~ Hope in TN ~
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Oh, and to answer the question...I will be working 12 hours on Easter, so no get-togethers, but even if I wasn't working I wouldn't being doing any kind of gathering period. The only people I see on a daily basis is my dad and my daughter, and co-workers.


I literally work and go home and stop by the grocery store on some days. That's it. There will be time again for get togethers and social interaction(s), but right now is not that time. (I'm actually a big home body and never go anywhere anyways lol) I really wish people would get that through their heads. The longer they keep ignoring it and disregarding it, the longer this will go on. It's not fair to those of us who are following the guidelines, etc. Thx for letting me vent. Sorry, I just get so frustrated with people who are so selfish that they only think of themselves.

~ Hope in TN ~
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@Calcgirl wrote:

Anyone getting togwther with family for Easter?  My children and grandkids have decided to practice social distancing and not do Easter together, so I will be alone this Easter with my furbaby.

Hopefully, next year you can all be together.  

Sending joy, prayers, love and gentle hugs to all who need them this holiday season.
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@BrandiDavis and @NAES1 ,

Both your posts are what I feel.

For me, Easter is not about the food.  I celebrate Easter the reason there is an Easter- again, this is for me.

This is not a time for having people over that are not already in your household.  There can be another time.  Don't break the chain on the distancing that has already been practiced.  Think about others.  You may be harming them.