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We dumped cable and have YouTube TV...its great.  Sooo many options.  But I still have Xfinity WiFi so they're still ripping me off for that.  They are such robbers.  

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We bundle our cable/internet/phone access.  When I researched the most cost-effective non-cable options that still include our desired channels we get with cable, the cost was higher.  I was told that the cost of streaming can be more expensive depending on your choices.


Guess I'll keep on looking for a cheaper alternative to our cable package.

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I just called Xfinity last week when I received my bill with a $26 increase--now over $252 a month. They were willing to give me a $20 discount. How very generous of them.


So neighbors just urged us to cut the cord. We have fiber optic in our condo building for $20 a month. Then if we add their recommendation of streaming through YouTube, our monthly total will be around $100. That is quite a savings. Now I feel like a fool for dragging my feet on this.



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Re: Dumping Cable

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We just got a Roku (3 days ago), and are dumping Xfinity soon ( same reasons, prices are nuts and many channels play garbage- ! Roku is good, but a few things I do miss... 

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Re: Dumping Cable

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We have had Comcast for over 40 years, I will never switch, we have Triple Play, cable, internet and my landline which is a must for me. They give me free Netflix and free Peacock, works for me !!! I pay 239 per month. but I dont have HBO or Showtime, do have 3 boxes. 

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I haven't been on a vacation since 2017.

I don't own a 2nd home at the beach or a cabin in the mountains.

No RV or boat or anything like that.


I love to watch the Atlanta Braves and to do that, I need cable, so I will keep regular old Comcast cable.

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@kaydee50 wrote:

Call them and ask for the "customer retention" department.  Every year RCN/Astound raises the bill by $80/90, I call and they find a "special deal" that reduces it dramatically.


I am not eager to drop our cable/internet/phone package for any sort of "streaming" services which, I understand, are also becoming more expensive.


Good luck!


Comcast won't reduce the bill. We've talked to the Retention Department and even supervisors. They refuse to give any perks or discounts. The supervisor tried to sell us in a really crummy plan for only $30.00 less a month. Ugh! They're pricing themselves out of business. 

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@spumoni99  The channels you mentioned are available on our Hulu live stream tv. On the live stream tv services, you don't have all the unnecessary infomercial, etc. channels no one watches.  You can Google live stream options & try them out for free before you decide. 


As far as I know, there's you tube tv, Hulu live stream, sling & a couple more. You can go to their websites & check the channels they offer but I'm sure the ones you like would be on most of them. 

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I get everything and more I need or want to watch on YouTubeTV, at a considerable savings over my previous satellite service.  There is a ton of content on demand if you can't find something live to watch.


I also subscribed to Peacock just to watch On Patrol Live.  After several good months, they stopped streaming it live which is deceptive.   There's nothing else there I care to watch so will be canceling it.

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Re: Dumping Cable

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I just went to Directv STREAM. It's almost like never cutting the old satellite service b/c they have a Directv Stream box with the remote to go with it so surfing is very user friendly. You don't have to keep searching for a program or a channel b/c they have a guide that goes with the remote which also has a microphone so you can search with voice command. I love it so far.


Directv STREAM is a streaming service for people who still want the cable experience w/o the high cost of cable. No contract and no hidden fees.