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@just bee: I had the same problem years ago. Repairman told me that cycle (perm press) was shot, but the others worked just fine!

Try using another setting. Can't hurt, might help.

Today's "energy efficient" appliances have a ridiculously short life span to go with their outrageously high purchase prices!

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If u have the booklet that came with the dryer - check it out. You can also google the brand of dryer that u have and find out what's causing ur clothes not to dry. It's good to have an idea before calling a repairman - as I've had several SCAMMERS rip me off.

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If it is tumbling and getting hot but the clothes are not drying it sounds like a clog in the line.

PLEASE STOP using it and get the entire line 'blown out.'

This is serious-- a co-worker of mine had a tragic house fire due to a clogged dryer vent and she lost 2 of her children.  It was awful.

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I wouldn't use the dryer.  If you have a clog somewhere it can cause a dryer fire.  If it were me, I would call the repair man and get the correct diagnosis.  Sometimes you just have to spend the money.

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@cookinfreak  You did not mention the age of your dryer.  Is it newer ( 1 to 5 years old)?  Or older (5 to 10 plus years old)?  It may be better to replace rather than spend money on repairs if it is older. Most likely several hundred dollars to fix with a repair man.