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Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

Here is my draft email to my supervisor, I don't return to work until Tuesday. I tried to be pleasant as I have to continue to work with him everyday until I find another job.


Please share your comments/revisions.    




Good Morning JOHN DOE, 

The purpose of this email to have an open dialogue and ensure that we both understand what is needed to move forward successfully. 


I wanted to thank you for stopping by last Friday (2/22/19) to briefly discuss alternatives to the formal XYZ Reasonable Accommodation (RA) process.  I received a disability determination letter from the Office of Human Resources Management approving my RA application, it is my intention to follow the route outlined in the XyA Departmental Regulation (DR). I do not want to withdraw my RA request to pursue an alternative route.  The outlined RA Process is the best process to fit my current and future needs.


Initially, I was told that I did not have to go into extensive details of my medical condition; but I am getting the impression that you have concerns. I have a degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine which has been diagnosed by my doctor and for which he’s prescribed a series of actions which included omitting commute time, teleworking two days per week, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special exercises, medications, joint injections and surgery. The complete and detailed documentation from my doctor was reviewed and approved by the RA office. It was my understanding that it’s just down to working out the logistics at this point. I was expecting to receive a Confirmation of Request for RA or an official RA Denial.


Frankly, I am a bit concerned with several parts of our conversation regarding my RA request.  When we first met on February 7th, I asked you if OCFO has established procedures for all OCFO RA requests.  It would really be helpful if OCFO had some kind of consistency which would help all employees feel that things are being done fairly across the board.


  • One comment, you made indicating that “we” will not go the RA r Which portion of the DR  indicates that a Supervisor can make a determination for an Employee (who was deemed a qualified individual with a disability) that they will withdraw an approved RA request. I would think continuing the process as outlined in the DR would eliminate any confusion and misunderstandings.
  • The second comment, you made indicating that I need to act now because in six weeks the offer will be gone. Does our office have some sort of workload surge that crops up in mid-March, requiring everyone to be present in the office?  If yes, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is an option, as I am comfortable with unpaid leave. 
  • The third comment, I’m a bit confused about your telling me that Jane DOE used to report to you.  Does that mean you think I should follow your suggestion of working outside of the RA rather than the plan laid out in my RA document? Do you have concerns regarding her ability to act impartially or complete her role in this action?

thank you


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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

Why send an email?  Tell your boss your concerns in person.

If you do not have to "detail" your disability then don't.

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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

[ Edited ]

I agree with Mz Mac.  There is something not quite right about emailing, but if you do, you have rambled on far too much. 


Always thank someone before the rest of the letter.  Then go to a paragraph about what it is you are seeking.


You need to tell him that you submitted your papers to HR and they have been approved, and if he needs your confirmation or further details that you can provide, you would be happy to including medical documentation as to treatment plan outlined by your physician.  

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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

I think it's a bit too long and too detailed.  I would make it short and to-the-point.  I wouldn't rehash all of the other details of conversations and I wouldn't describe the medical condition so extensively.  I would just refer to it as a temporary condition.  As I said earlier, unfortunately if we make ourselves seem sickly and in need of lots of assistance/time off from work/support, we have a target on our back and the supervisor may ask for a replacement that he feels might be more reliable/less needy.  Those words are certainly not how I view you.  They are generic terms so please don't get your feelings hurt.


I would just say something like I wrote earlier.  You will have put the needs out there and after that, it's up to them to discuss what can and will happen next.  Going deeper and saying "you said ....." just makes it a more contentious situation.  I would just state the simple facts and then let them come back with a response.    Keep it professional and I think they will too.



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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

@Happiness Is Inside JOB    @Mz iMac 


Have you read the thread @Happiness Is Inside JOB has down stream?


She has discussed w/ her super, who is already facing one EEOC action.

He has offered variances to her approved RA approval, and told her that if she works at home he will be checking her Facebook to make sure she is working.


This is more of a note to record, CYA act.

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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

I did see your original thread.

Email is far too long. My eyes glazed over just looking it. Edit. Edit. Edit. Stick to the critical points/discrepancies. Don’t bog down with unneeded tangents and details. Bottom line, you want to go thru official RA route. And you don’t need to explain your disease process. Your RA is already approved.

I do think email is appropriate because you need to document. You already had a face-to-face.

I’m not criticizing, trying to help.
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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

I would print out the basic info and hand it to him after having an oral discussion. 


Just be sure that the two are exactly the same subject and opinions.


Always "put it in writing" if it is important!  JMO

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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

DEFINITELY transmit this by email or US mail. Do not do this by phone or a private sit down in his office. You want documentation of your communication. 1:  you want the record of your position on this matter as you state it, not some conversation you remember one way and the boss claims differently. 2: you want there to be a firm way to prove the date and time your words and position or questions were offered. 3: you want to be able to be as explicit as possible, still business-like, but overtly stating your point of view, legal rulings in place, strategy going forward. This is a formal statement, not a hope-he-gets-it communication. 


This isnt too wordy. It’s not meant to be a chat or a casual comment. You are taking a position based on findings and recommendations that cleared thru HR, and it sounds like the boss is resisting, dodging, obfuscating, or “reinterpreting “. So you’ve been forced to be explicit and to stand your ground. If it takes a thousand words, so be it. You are polite but firm and even yiurvquestiins are asked without snark. Maintain decorum and dignity but stay on point. You’ve done that. 


My one recommendation, in addition to my endorsement of the draft, is that you make sure the CC line in the email indicates it is concurrently sent not only to JOHN DOE, but also a particular contact in the Human Resources office approving the RA process and to your outside counsel, if you have a lawyer involved, and anyone responsible for your physical assessment in the medical team. When everyone knows what has already been resolved and agreed on and JOHN DOE seems to take exception or make a different rationale put in place, he needs to know everyone is on board and part of the email chain. 


If allow this email to be just between you and Mr. Doe, he will be much more defensive and protective of his position.  With “witnesses” to your words, he has to measure his own words or weigh the value of standing pat if he replies. 


Good job. I hope your reasonable accommodations are arranged with enough comfort so you can stay productive, prove you can hold the job and fulfill requirements,  and get healthy or protect your health, too.  

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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

As PP have mentioned it is WAY to long.

Please remove all the medical information - your boss is not your doctor.


The purpose of the email is short and brief- you wish to have all the approved accommodations via the RA.  


Your goal is to document your wishes in writing, NOT to explain or defend your position.


Good luck!

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Re: Draft RA Email to BOSS....Comments welcome

The majority of us have agreed that it's way too long and detailed.  Some of us are in the legal world and know a thing or two about how situations like this can evolve.  I will exit the conversation now and wish you good luck in your negotiations.  Take care.